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A user who has permission to "Create" or "Edit" matrices can get to this page by clicking on a rendered matrix cell on the "Revise Matrix" page.

Audience for this page:

This page is intended for "authors" of matrices.
This could mean a couple of things:

  • An author could be someone who is not an instructional designer. This person may be "administering" the portfolio system and be in charge of implementing matrices to meet requirements of the program of class, based on others' input.
  • An author could be a teacher or instructional designer. This person will author the experience for their class and thinks in terms of interactions and workflows between students and teachers.


A matrix author may come to this page to:

  • Add descriptive information to the cell
    • A new TITLE
  • Designate special forms that will be used with this cell from the pool of published forms available to the worksite:
    • Forms for students to use when completing the cell
    • A form for Reflection
    • A form for Evaluation
    • A form for Feedback
  • Provide rich text and/or attachments for Guidance as to cell purpose and usage
    • Instructions
    • Rationale
    • Examples
  • Associate a style with this cell
  • Change its initial status
  • Designate evaluators for the cell

Page Features

The main feature of this page a single, large, ungrouped form with all of the different types of inputs in it. Some of the form elements (style and guidance) are completed by filling out additional forms (visited by clicking links or by pressing buttons on this page) on other pages.

Required fields have an asterisk to the left of the input label.
Some effort has been made to label the parts of the form with header (h4) elements.
The form labels are often far away from their respective input fields.

Possible Error

  • Author could add an evaluation form to the cell without having specified anyone to use it.


orange: Gonzalo Silverio

OK= yes, makes total sense, do not see need to discuss more

???= not sure what this means, have some questions

Mech Notes:

  1. Table width - control better
  2. Link titles for added ("Remove") forms
  3. Reformat Guidance section, make clearer, get rid of tables if possible, tex block block
  4. Pick evaluator widget finesse (change label of button depending on existing or empty list)


  • In the page title, no indication is given as to what matrix the cell belongs to. The matrix name should appear in the title of the page (such as "Revise Cell in My Matrix Name" or "My Matrix Name: Revise Cell").
  • (gsilver) OK - Good call - some logic changes requiired - done
  • When the rich text for a type of guidance is empty and there is an attachment, the link still reads e.g. Add Instructions. This should reflect whether there is either text or at least one attachment with Revise Instructions.
  • (gsilver) OK - Good call - some logic changes requiired - done (language now reflects text and file presence)
  • Links to remove all of the items for a type of guidance may be desirable, as opposed to needing to click Revise and removing each item individually.
  • (gsilver) ???

Right-Left Alignment

Align the form labels to the right and the form inputs to the left (including the rich text editor) (see Right-Left Alignment)

Extras on demand

Rather than taking the user out of the form to a helper tool when working with Guidance, add a small additional piece of the form to allow the user to input the new information on the same page (see Extras on Demand).

Syntactic consistency

  • Rather than taking the user to another page to display the "Select Evaluators" page, display the UI device for selecting evaluators on this page. If that is not possible, the device used to take the user to the "Select Evaluators" page should be a link (not a submit button) to be consistent with the rest of the page.
  • (gsilver) OK - makes sense (last alternative) - done
  • Much of the form is completed by visiting other pages and filling out additional forms. Submitting on that The "Guidance" section of the form uses tables for layout While the rest of the form uses divs. The heading and link to the page for adding guidance should not be a different color in a border. Links to "helpers" should be indicated in a consistent manner.
  • (gsilver) OK - makes sense - done

Form grouping

It seems that there are a couple of ways group the types of information in this form:

We currently group things by type

This may be more intuitive for the "implementor" author that has been given a task to add information to this cell.

  • Front matter
    • Title
    • Description
    • Initial Status
    • Style
  • Guidance
    • Instructions
    • Rationale
    • Examples
  • Forms
    • Reflection Device
    • Feedback
    • Evaluation
  • Designation of Evaluators for this cell

But we could chunk the info by audience:

This may be more intuitive for an the teacher or instructional designer who may be approaching this form with the workflow they want in their head.

  • Front matter
    • Title
    • Description
    • Initial status of this cell
    • Style
  • Student Facing info
    • Guidance
      • Instructions
      • Rationale
      • Examples
    • Forms available to students
  • Feedback and Evaluation
    • Feedback
      • Form
    • Evaluation
      • Evaluation Device (Form)
      • Designation of Evaluators for this cell
      • (gsilver) Where does Reflection fit here?

The form should be rearranged to reflect the grouping and each of these groups should be surrounded with a FIELDSET element to chunk the form up into manageable sections. Eliminate the header elements and use the LEGEND element inside of the fieldset to label the parts of the form. Apply some css to the fieldset and legend elements to provide some separation between sections and break up the form for the user.

(gsilver) OK - done
Perhaps css could be used to further breakup the form into a tabbed page/form that shows only one section at a time. See A List Apart: Let them eat Cake

(gsilver) See above...