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These screens allows a wizard page or matrix cell author to add Instructions, Rationale or Examples to the cell or page. The user reaches one of these pages by clicking on the "Add Instructions", "Add Rationale" or "Add Examples" links on the "Revise Cell" page of the tool.

It may be that there is no need to reuse guidance across multiple cells or matrices. However, if authors could store and reuse guidance elements, this UI may need to be more like a "file picker"/"guidance picker".

(gsilver) - this seems like 2.6: there are a few things that need to talked over and a lot of good ideas below to examine


  • These pages simply allow the author to write some rich text and attach some files to a piece of "guidance" as separate pieces, presumably so that they can each be displayed separately as needed.

This "separation" of types of guidance is important only if we want to selectively display them to students/matrix users. It seems like overkill to me. Given the functionality embedded in the FCK editor to be able to format the text and link to resource items in one rich text editor, I would think that this all could be handled with just one "guidance" area where the author could include anything they wished.

(gsilver) - this seems like 2.6. On the one hand I fully agree with simplification and freedom. On the other hand I can see programs needing/wanting to impose a guidance structure.

Page features

  • The page consists of:
    • a rich text editor
      **a button for selecting and attaching items from resources to this piece of guidance


orange: Gonzalo Silverio

OK= yes, makes total sense, do not see need to discuss more

???= not sure what this means, have some questions


Mech Notes:

  1. validate
  2. funky rteditor
  3. darned jsf - attachments are in a table.


  • It isn't clear what cell the author is adding guidance to. An author who gets called away from the task and comes back will not remember what they were doing. They will need to cancel and to see what cell (ie: "Row: a; Column: b") they were working on. Providing the author with the task being performed and the matrix, row and and columns names to the top of the guidance page would help to address this.
    • Consider a page title such as "Adding Instructions for Row: foo, Column: bar of matrix xxx"
    • (gsilver) OK - providing context when in a helper is a generalized need - some logic changes requred
    • logic changes required - subtask created :

Syntactic elements

  • Since there is only one possible thing the author could be coming to this page to do, providing the ability to "hide" all of the tasks associated with that task doesn't seem like a useful feature. I would get rid of it.
  • (gsilver) OK - need to parametrize the widget I think. The hide toggle is there because this same widget is used to display guidance in a page that can have multiple guidances - created JIRA:
  • The features of the FCK editor take up a ton of space as deployed. The editor appears as 2/3rds editor controls and only 1/3 rich text area. It apparently is worse on Windows browsers. It seems that either:
    • more space should be allocated to the editor, or
    • the feature set should be restricted to a reasonable subset of what is possible
    • (gsilver) OK - more space allocated

NOTE: I do not have the time to create the proper structure of this page, but wanted to note that there is a problem with the sizing of the rich editor on the guidance helper page in Firefox/WinXP and IE6/WinXP. It is worsened after attachments are made to the Guidance category.

 (gsilver) I saw that as well - something is off with the RT Editor here

1 Comment

  1. I like this idea of reusable guidance! We have a lot of guidance that's almost the same accross cells in difference matrices. A "save as..." function would be nice. You could load existing guidance, make some (minor) modifications and then save as a new guidance item.