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  • OSP-SPEC-1 - Wizard and Matrix Group Filtering
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Working Title:

Wizard and Matrix Group Filtering

Related Features:

OSP-SPEC-2 - Varied Reviewer Roles

Related Issue(s):

SAK-10612, SAK-10949


OSP Wizards, OSP Matrix

Confirmation Status and Date:

Status: Pending
Date: 8/20/07


The Manage Wizards and Manage Matrices screens of the OSP Wizards or OSP Matrix tools, respectively, must provide Participant list filtering to Reviewers based on site Groups.


Programs may wish to establish Groups of Participants for administrative purposes, making specific Groups exclusively available to given Reviewers. Groups may also be created purely for convenience of identifying sets of Participants or providing shorter Participant lists in large sites.


The University of Michigan has identified this requirement as important to specific local projects (UROPS) with many Reviewers and it has been accepted as a requirement through the weekly conference call and public issue voting.

Community Acceptance

This feature has been discussed extensively on weekly conference calls and via the Portfolio mailing list. Specifically, Indiana University and Syracuse University have voiced support of implementation as of 8/20/07.


There are two mutually exclusive Access Modes specific to each Matrix. These are Normal and Unrestricted, allowing different access for reviewers when viewing a Matrix, with respect to Groups. There are also four mutually exclusive states based on the existence of Groups in the site and a Reviewer's membership in those groups. These two sets of states combine to behave as follows:

Access Mode

Group Conditions



No Groups defined

The Participant list is presented in full.


Groups are defined, but the active Reviewer does not share a group with any Participant

The Participant list is omitted and a message is displayed indicating that no Participants may be reviewed (matrix_groups_unavailable, wizard_groups_unavailable).


Groups are defined, and the Reviewer is in exactly one Group

The Participant list is presented, containing only the Participants from the Group.


Groups are defined, and the Reviewer is a member of more than one Group

The Group Filter List is presented, containing each Group to which the Reviewer belongs, as well as a selection used to remove any filter (matrix_groups_showall, wizard_groups_showall).


Groups are defined

The Group Filter List is presented, containing all Groups in the site, disregarding reviewer membership in those Groups.

Also provided is a system-wide override to force all Matrices into Unrestricted mode. This is, and should be set to true to allow any reviewer for a site to view all of its members. The Unrestricted mode also forces hiding of the Reviewer Group Access section of the Edit Properties screen when adding or editing a scaffolded object (Matrix or Wizard).



  • Participant - The Participant is passive; scaffolding owned by the Participant is reviewed.
  • Reviewer - The Reviewer is granted or denied access to Participants' scaffolding and selects Group filters.