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  • OSP Procedure for Feature Requests
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  • Community - Anyone active on the email list and/or weekly OSP teleconferences
  • Developer/Technical Liaison - One or more technical developers responsible for facilitating the functional and design requirements, as well as the actual coding.
  • Functional Team - Responsible for steering functional development of OSP (see OSP Functional Team Kickoff Meeting October 2008)
  • Developer Community - Anyone responsible for any portion of OSP code development
  • Functional Analyst - Person primarily responsible for advocating a specific new feature and shepherding the feature through this procedure (e.g. Functional Team member, UI designer).


  • The Community shall develop a requirements timeline for each subsequent release, which shall include a deadline for publishing proposed requirements on confluence and a deadline for community response to published requirements.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon by the Community, all enhancements must adhere to this procedure. Bug fixes and small-scale changes may omit some or all of the Enhancement/Specification Template based on community consensus.


  1. A Functional Analyst shall publish (in confluence) a proposed enhancement using the Enhancement/Specification Template by the aforementioned deadline for publishing proposed requirements. The Functional Team shall review and discuss the proposal prior to wider community involvement.
  2. The Community shall review and discuss the proposed enhancement by the aforementioned response deadline, culminating with a decision on the weekly OSP teleconference (or face-to-face meeting). Those reviewing the proposal shall consider conditional release, priority, potential impact and ripple effects, and architectural review.
    • If the proposal is rejected and the proposing institution decides to move forward with development, the resulting code should not be added to trunk without further review.
  3. The Functional Analyst shall develop UI Mockups and present a walkthrough to the community, and shall revise the proposal based on community input.
  4. The Community shall review the UI Mockups (e.g. comments in confluence). Approval shall be made on the weekly OSP teleconference (or face-to-face meeting).
  5. The Developer/Technical Liaison shall publish a design specification which may include class diagrams, algorithms, data modeling, entity relationship diagrams, logic diagrams, etc.
  6. The Developer Community shall review the design specification and approve or request further details and/or revision.
  7. The Developer/Technical Liaison shall begin code development within a branch of the subversion source repository.
  8. The Developer/Technical Liaison shall periodically provide demonstrations of progress at Monday meetings and incorporate feedback from the Functional Team and Community.
  9. The Developer/Technical Liason shall configure the osp-nightly server for review (build with the specified subversion branch).
  10. The Community and Functional Analyst shall begin QA testing as soon as possible. Those involved in testing shall verify compliance with original UI mockups and user stories. The Functional Analyst and Developer shall work together to refine documentation based on community input.
  11. The Developer/Technical Liason shall request approval from the Sakai community to merge changes to the trunk. The osp-nightly shall be returned to the trunk build.
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