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Legacy Resource Alert

We've moved!

The new home for the OSP COMMUNITY LIBRARY is now at

Everything below was valid at some point, but is no longer guaranteed to be current...

You can find most of the OSP components participating institutions have shared under the "Attachments" tab.

Recently Added

December 14, 2006
Weber State has graciously shared tutorial their OSP implementation.
Thanks to everyone at Weber, including Luke Fernandez!

December 14, 2006
Virginia Tech has graciously shared a design document from their OSP implementation.
Thanks to everyone at VTech, including Eddie Watson, Dawn Eckert, and John Moore!

December 14, 2006
Syracuse University has graciously shared 29 files from their OSP implementation, including XSD files.Wiki Markup
Thanks to everyone at Syracuse, including Sean Keesler, Jim Pease, and Micheal Morrison!

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