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Themes/functional needs developed during OSP 2.6 Summit brainstorming session at IUPUI in October 2007


  • Governance / Operational Structure
    • Functional Team / Process planning
    • Structure, organization, responsibilities?
    • Rotating functional team lead?
    • How does DESIGN/review fit into functional specs/QA process?
  • Permissions / Workflows / Personas
    • Mapping of Roles, Personas, Actions w.r.t. Workflows
    • Outline the roles/perms in terms of educationally bounded use cases
    • General workflow vs. existing subsystem - build or adopt something?
    • Publishing workflows!
    • User opt-in groups... Groups outside of CIGs - sharing toward these groups
  • Tagging / Goal Management
    • Common ground in GMT dev - organizational structure
    • Tagging - what does it really do? How does it help?
  • Long-Term Data Structure Sustainability
    • Migration of data/structures and change between versions, institutions, programs, etc.
  • Deletion/Editing - long-term sustainability
    • Cohort use of a matrix: permissions and data over time, evaluators, etc. Management of complexity/change -> single experience for student
    • Goalset Change over time
  • Reporting
    • Global parameters around reporting requirements.. Are there specifications that are applicable to multiple institutions' needs or are they strictly institution-specific?
  • Aggregated View????
    • Anything to talk about today besides planning?
  • Wizards have some things needing review
  • Mash-up approach possible? Data from different apps "sucked into" portfolios... better or worse than a single environment?
  • Usability of the authoring process - particular to templates, etc.
  • Aggregated view definition - what is it? Who uses it? Where does it live? Who's going to work on it and how?

What's NEW in 2.5??? What do we have that we don't even know about?

  • slices of aggregated view ("synoptic style") - matrices and portfolios
    • Publishing across CIGs from my workspace
  • permission structure integrated with Sakai model
  • some portal fixes/changes
  • Tool ICONS!
  • Some new events being logged / listenable (reacting to events automatically)
  • Textual status of Wizard cell on main overview page
  • Interface to change cell status from the main Wizard view page
  • "Smarter" UI hiding unavailable or irrelevant pieces
  • Permissions required for a tool to display in tool list
  • XSDWeaver integrated
  • Assignment linking from within a Wizard or Matrix ("auto-population" within a site)

Portfolio Templates — Global publishing
Searchability? Grouping, categorization, etc. for templates, etc.?

"Boiled Down Themes"