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  • OSP 2.5 Planning Meeting in Amsterdam
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When & Where

Amsterdam, June 15, 2007

Meeting Notes


1. Nate Angell
2. Josh Baron
3. Frank Benneker
4. Mark Breuker
5. Jason Buckner
6. Tony Camilli
7. Chris Coppola
8. Sean Demonner
8. Jim Doherty
10. Bret Eynon
11. Luke Fernandez
12. Hugo Jacobs
13. Susan Kahn
14. Sean Kessler
15. William Lindner
16. Chris Maurer
17. Megan May
18. Wende Morgaine
19. Rosyln Orgel
20. Melissa Peet
21 Hannah Reeves
22. Joshua Ryan
23. Bas Toeter
24. Marij Veugelers
25. Dale Voorhees

Action Items

  • Given the "blue sky" idea of transition into a pedagogy-focused
    group we need representation on the pedagogy track for the Newport
    conference. It was suggested that we radically reduce the number of OSP
    sessions to just tool oriented sessions and make all other used-to-be OSP
    presentations into pedagogy sessions. Dale will be that rep.
  • Chris C., Susan K., Bret E. and Hannah R. will create a strawman
    proposal regarding the blue sky items and send it to the group within a few
    weeks. Chris C. will initiate meetings with this group. Strawman
    proposal will address strategic plan for getting pedagogy sessions proposed
    for next conference.
  • One of the requirements discussed in the requirements sub-group on
    Friday was needing the ability to dump the portfolio presentation template
    into My Workspace and still be able to share presentation. Amsterdam,
    Indiana, and Lagaurdia will work on a design for Chris Maurer, then Chris
    Maurer will fix.SAK-10140
  • Sean Demonner will find and propose a use case template.
  • Jim Doherty will write up in jira the requirement for creating a way
    for a student to request feedback on items and actions they take in the
  • Tony will be in charge of the requirement that OSP tools are not
    logging any events into Sakai events system, which should be changed.SAK-10405
  • Tony will also be in charge of improving the editor on the free form
    template. SAK-10399
  • Jim D. will be in charge of making it so that, if desired by the
    institution, students can be given the option of being able to select who
    evaluate their cells.
  • Mark will be in charge of progress integration on building a large
  • Bas and Mark will be in charge of the requirement that a matrix cell
    should show more information in one screen.
  • Sean K. will be in charge of fixing confusing terminology in the
  • Tony and Chris M. will be in charge of the requirement about
    advanced navigationSAK-10398
  • Chris M. will be in charge of providing a single rich text page
    template. SAK-10397
  • Chris M. will be in charge of the requirement about apply layouts.SAK-10396
  • Because the 2.5 requirements group from Friday must continue to to
    define 2.5 requirements on a separate conf call each week, Wende will
    find someone to do this (perhaps Beth.)
  • Mark will be in charge of the requirement regarding a more
    structured review process within matrix cells.
  • There was a desire expressed at the Friday meeting to know about or
    come to some agreement on how we are going to coordinate 2.5 release.
    As this concerns leadership roles in the community, several people will have
    to be involved in figuring this out and communicating it to the community.
    Wende will contact Melissa and Beth who will coordinate leadership roles and
    then email the lists with a process for the 2.5 release and get
    feedback from the community.
  • Wende will contact Melissa about user experience personnel for the
    2.5 release (can Gonzalo help?)
  • Susan K will check and see if Indiana has UI personnel available to
  • Sean K will engage with Fluid about engaging their work on 2.5 OSP
    UI requirements.
  • Wende will contact Melissa about possible help from Robert on both
    user experience and fundraising.
  • Cerritos College has produced Sakai documentation in the form of a
    weekly cartoon. Wende will explore getting permission to share that
    documentation with Mick and ML.
  • Charles Stuart has produced great artifacts. Chris C. will take the
    initiative to get them to upload them the into community library once it is
  • Nate will complete the community library. Wende work with Susan to
    link to it off the Sakai site and work with Nate to make a Sakai url for
  • Nate will do more research on typical/possible governance structures
    and will talk to Melissa,