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When & Where

Ann Arbor, Michigan, May 13-15, 2007

Travel Information

Name of Hotel: Hawthorn Suites
Name of Group: University of Michigan ePortfolio Group
Location: 3535 Green Road
Phone: 734-327-0011
Rate: 89.00/night (includes breakfast buffet)

Although the hotel provides a shuttle to campus, transportation to and from the airport is
not included. There is an airport shuttle service from Detroit Metro(DTW)airport for a fee.

Here's a good shuttle from the Detroit Airport to Ann Arbor: ($55 round trip).

Meeting Agenda:

Agenda is posted at OSP Meeting h Agenda.doc

List of attendees is posted at List of attendees.doc

Meeting Notes

May 15 - Small Group Discussion Items

1.Aggregated View possibly in My Workspace view that is student-centric or shall we say user-centric. Need to hide/integrate tools not being used.

2. Goal management improvements including inter-operability, goal-mapping and integration between assignments and GMT. Should be seamless, intuitive. Should be easy to make any aspect of the system goal-enabled. Ability to see the evidence, not just the rating. Much richer functionality that would allow evaluators and administrators to see a high-level and detailed view of the data (the evidence). How do we make assessment manageable? Mapping programs and goal linking (Noah's made progress that's important here). Informs #2

3. OSP Library

4. More support for free-form portfolios; i.e., features, usability,

5. Meta-tagging and searching

6. Improving the user experience

7. Reports



  1. I won't be able to attend the meeting, but would very much like the group to consider adding as part of portfolio, editable templates for forms. The template files should come with step by step instructions that would allow non-technical types to easily adapt them for different institutional needs. At Texas State, we are just beginning a pilot use of portfolio and find ourselves constantly stumped by forms and the necessity to have existing xsd files.

    Additionally, an "Idiots" Guide to understanding how portfolio works would be much appreciated!

  2. I am attaching the themes document from the May 14 discussions.