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  • Notes from Initial Meeting Between Janice Smith and Keli Amann
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9-21-10 conversation between Keli Amann and Janice Smith
The following plan for developing portfolio personas was proposed:

  • The portfolio visioning process will use the following page for drafting our contribution to personas: Sakai Personas (Previous)
  • We will consider "adopting" as many existing personas as possible for our processes.
  • We will propose additional text describing our "adopted" personas on our draft page to be reviewed by community members currently working on the personas.
  • We will also propose additional personas that fill the gaps for portfolios on the draft page.
  • When our process is complete, our changes will be added to the most current personas page: Sakai Personas (Current)
  • Focus on the following:
    • Who are the people that are crucial to portfolio processes?
    • Do they all work together or in separate clusters?
    • What stories, workflows, and scenarios can we identify?
    • What do each of our personas do day-by-day with portfolio processes?
    • MiniSpecs focus on very small chunks of processes. We need to break down our thinking about portfolio processeses in very specific ways.
    • We may want to use several of the current persona instructors and students, as well as the associate dean. See Sakai Personas (Current)
    • We may want to add an assessment coordinator, an advisor, someone from career services, and one or two students and/or instructors.
    • If we want to add a student or instructor from a different discipline, it is suggested that we add someone from business or nursing, rather than education.

9/22/10 Summary by Keli Amann

To review, I think Janice is interested in picking up 7-8 persona and may need to create 2-4 more. As I understand it, this set should cover three different institutional needs that fit under the name "portfolio": students constructing understanding of what they've learned over time, representation of professional self, and accreditation. Daphne and Clay will likely push to see if we can represent these needs with as few persona as possible, without stretching the existing persona too far.

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