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Duplicating portfolios

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portfolios, forms, matrices


Aaron Zeckoski, Unicon


Jan 27 2010

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Status: Suggested
Date: TDB

Part 1: Functional Description

Duplicate Portfolio


Feature request for a link to appear underneath a finished portfolio that says "Copy." When a user clicks on the Dupplicate link, a new version of the same portfolio is created and will appear in the user's list of portfolios.


Valuable to any users who have created a portfolio and want to make another one that is similar. Allows users to create copies of their portfolios which they could then edit and change to meet new/other objectives and audiences.


Virginia Tech needs to be able to copy portfolios for sharing with different audiences.

User Stories

We have a student who wants to have a presentation to share with both a private audience (say, an advisor) and with a public audience. The private audience should be allowed to see more material than the public audience, though several pages of the presentation/portfolio are the same. To be specific to a use case at VT: we have six tabs in a presentation's template. Five of those tabs are customizable WYSIWYG forms that allow students to design basic pages like "Home," "Personal Goals," "Links/References," etc. The sixth tab is a tab for a matrix content page that draws out items the student has uploaded into a matrix in the same site.

The student would like to create a portfolio with all six tabs to share with her advisor. The advisor specifically wants to reference some items in the matrix-view tab for discussion. The student would also like to share the portfolio with a potential internship coordinator off-campus, but does NOT want the matrix tab to show up in that more "public" portfolio view.

Actors and Stakeholders

OSP admins
OSP end users

Functional Details (may be added after community demo)

The copy will be a mixture of reference copy (where the item links to the one from the original portfolio) and duplication (where a new item is made which has the same data as the original one). Where is it possible we will duplicate the data. Where not we will create a reference copy. This will be noted in the help for the duplicate functionality.

Interaction and Implications

In the presentations tool there will be a button named "Copy". Clicking on this will create a copy of the portfolio if the user confirms the message that appears.

Diagrams and Mockups

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Community Acceptance (4)

A request for comment was sent to the sakai-dev list and there are some comments in the JIRA as a result. There are some differing opinions about how it should be implemented which we can discuss.

Part 2 of the Proposal for Enhancement Template: The Specification
The specification should be filled out once the feature is clearly defined.

Specification Template (5)

Sample screenshot of the duplicate functionality showing the menu and a duplicated portfolio.


The portfolio copy will make references to complex elements like matricies. It will be a duplication for simpler elements and will attempt to exclude comments and extra meta data where possible.

In freeform portfolios, the pages have to be duplicated because of the way they are stored.
In form based portfolios, the form data is reference copied so that changing the form would change the data for all portfolios it is used in. This is the same as the case for matrices.
Comments are not copied over when a portfolio is duplicated. Settings for the portfolio are copied.

The user will use the dropdown in the presentation list to initiate the duplication. The portfolio is duplicated and appears in the listing with the title prepended with "Copy of ".


  • OSP presentation tool

Quality Metrics

Test using a variety of portfolios and ensure that copies are fast (under 2-3 seconds even for large portolfios).


Should be written to be compatible with the trunk version of OSP such that it can be tested and released as part of OSP.

Outstanding Issues

The Outstanding Issues section is a placeholder for the evolution of this specific feature. It should mention any explicit design or implementation decisions that are pending. There must be no outstanding decisions as of the confirmation of the feature as a requirement.

Help Content

This is the content that should appear in the tool:
Duplicating a portfolio/presentation allows a user to create a copy which can be shared with different people or adjusted to contain different content. The comments in the original will not be duplicated. Forms and matrices data is referenced to the original data (if you change it in the original it is changed in the copy). Pages in freeform portfolios are duplicated (if you change the original it will not change the copy). All settings are duplicated from the original.

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  1. Comments from OSP t-con (Feb 15, 2010):

    • Would like public, portfolio and comments settings to be set to false on duplicated portfolio
    • Beth & Noah will work on getting this branch available on osp-demo for review