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  • Dec 3rd Meeting Notes
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In attendance:  Lynn, Debbie, Teggin, Nancy, Janice, Cheryl, Daphne, Robin

The group revisited Bob's suggestions for primary scenarios, and agreed with the following adjustments:

  1. The Teaching, Learning and Assessment Portfolio (TLAP) for Industrial Engineering (TLAP) scenario will serve as the primary scenario for learning/assessment portfolios in which the locus of control resides with the institution or department.  Nancy will change the discipline for the scenario to industrial engineering, so we can take advantage of existing personas Courtney and Girish.  She will add an external evaluator to the scenario, and include a reference to ABET accreditation. Anderson, the associate dean persona, will be moved from the college of letters and science to the college of engineering.  Among his responsibilities will be the coordination of program assessment within the college.  In addition, Nancy agreed to draft the text for a new persona, the institutional assessment coordinator.
  2. For teaching and learning portfolios at the course level in which the locus of control resides with the instructor, the History Capstone Portfolio(CILP) will serve as the primary scenario.  The discipline will be changed to history or journalism to take advantage of existing personas Jeff or Dylan.  Fatik, the first-year undeclared student persona, will serve as the student in this scenario.  The scenario will be expanded to include the completion of a major project, which will be featured in both the matrix and the presentation portfolio. Lynn will make these modifications.
  3. For learning and presentation portfolios in which the locus of control resides with the student, the Global Liberal Studies Heuristic Portfolio will serve as one of two potential primaries.  The other will be a scenario in which graduate students, students in professional programs (medicine, law, nursing, etc), or even working professionals use portfolios to document professional development.  Possibilities include using the  Medical registrar learning and assessment portfolio, which would require a persona pursuing a specialization in medicine or drafting a new scenario that incorporates, Lucas (a master's student in math education) and perhaps Bob (online math instructor).  Need some help here...does anyone remember what we agreed to on this item.

Debbie Runshe agreed to a new subgroup focused on the creation of a list of potential minispec titles, using the verbs from the Portfolio-related vignettes as a starting point.  Volunteers for this group included Teggin, Janice, Lynn, and possibly Jacques.

Next meeting will be Friday, January 14, 2011


Homework assignments:

  1. All: carefully reread the scenarios mentioned above to determine if they can be expanded or changed in ways that makes them a more accurate representation of the ways in which portfolios are used at your institutions.  Please complete this work and send your observations to this list by no later than December 17, 2010.
  2. Nancy O'Laughlin:  revise TLAP scenario; prepare draft of institutional assessment coordinator.
  3. Lynn:  revise CILP scenario; revise Anderson persona to change discipline.
  4. Debbie:  set up first meeting of the minispec title group for after the holidays.
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