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The attached mockups show the user interface design work done by Dawn Nidy and her team at DePaul that was not implemented. These were done to correspond with the OSP 2.1 Requirements developed by the FX working group of OSPI. (Most of these requirement haven't been fully implemented to date.) There may be more screens than these. This is what I can find on my laptop. The original versions were posted on the old Sakai instance we used for OSPI work. I'm not sure if those sites persisted anywhere after the merger with Sakai.

  File Modified
PDF File DesignScreensV4.pdf This is a more recent version than that I posed earlier on the Ann Arbor meeting pages Jun 13, 2007 by Darren Cambridge
PDF File collectionsscreensALL.pdf Jun 13, 2007 by Darren Cambridge
Microsoft Word 97 Document PortfolioRequirements10-21-2005.doc May or may not be final Jun 13, 2007 by Darren Cambridge
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