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In preparation for the Phoenix Meeting, the attending institutions are posting information in four areas:

  • Use Cases (in what ways are you using OSP locally?)
  • Future Goals (what do you hope to do with OSP in the near future (next year or so)
  • Local Vision (what local vision do you expect OSP will help you accomplish?
  • Resources for 2.4 (what ways does your institution anticipate contributing to the 2.4 release? Please include both staff time resources (technical, non-technical), monetary resources, etc.

This information will quick start our time in Phoenix, helping us get on the same page and accomplish more. Please contact Wende Morgaine at or (503) 577.7712 if you need assistance in posting.

In Phoenix, the scope was narrowed and various institutions took responisiblity for the following areas:

2.4 Scope Priorities

  • User-centered universe (UMich, ?Airzona?)
  • UI Rework and Refinement (UMich, ?Airzona?)
  • Documentation/Sample Data Structures (IU, VTech, UVA, Syracuse, rSmart)
  • Improve Authoring Flexibility (UMich)
  • Reports (rSmart, Syracuse)
  • Goal Management Integration (rSmart, Syracuse)
  • Builders (IU, UMich, Arizona)
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