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  • Consolidation of Matrices and Wizards into One Tool
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For many years, the OSP community has been talking about consolidating Matrices and Wizards into a single tool.  Indiana University has decided to undertake this work as it's next major OSP development project and we want your ideas on how the tools can be improved and extended. As a first step, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.  Be sure to give your institution's name (and optionally your name) with your response.

Ideas for New or Modified Scaffolding Types

OSP currently offers three scaffolding options for representing a guided portfolio experience: matrix, hierarchical wizard, and sequential wizard.  Are there other forms or visual/organizational models that should be considered as new scaffolding types? As an example, a colleague recently suggested including an option for representing a guided portfolio as a concept map with nodes representing each page and connectors indicating various types of relationships among the pages.  Something like this,  I think, could be very powerful, if each participant had the freedom to design their own or follow the paths that are most meaningful to them.

Top 5 Things You'd Like to Change In Matrices and/or Wizards

What are the top 5 changes or enhancements your institution would like to see in the matrices and/or wizards tools?   Focus your list on features or behaviors needed at your institution that aren't available in the current tools.  If there's consensus around a few key functionalities, we can try to incorporate them into an early iteration of the tool.

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  1. IU Branch enhancements to Matrices covers most of the top 5 of our feature requests (Learning4u -Portfolio4u b.v.)

    1. revised tool-level permissions and addition of matrix-specific permissions
    2. addition of Manage site associations (matrix-assignments integration across sites)
    3. student-initiated feedback requests, preferably to guest users as well
    4. options for email notifications to users
    5. new "Returned" status