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Collaborative Portfolio Contributions

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Portfolio (presentation), Forms (metaobj)


Beth Kirschner @ University of Michigan


August 25, 2009

Demo Status and Date(s):

Status: Reviewed
Date: 8/25/2009
Available for evaluation at

Part 1: Functional Description

Collaborative Portfolio Contributions (1)

Summary (1)

This enhancement will provide an option for users to grant write access to shared portfolio users. This allows shared users to contribute content to the specified portfolio.

Rationale (1)

The need for multiple contributors for one portfolio will be a generalized solution to serve multiple, different use cases which require contributions from multiple users for a single portfolio.

Origin (1)

See user stories below.

User Stories (1)

Actors and Stakeholders

  • Portfolio Owner
  • Collaborative Contributor(s)

Collaborative Interview Portfolio

A group of students will be conducting interviews, each filling out a form corresponding to the interview, and collaboratively creating one portfolio from the multiple student interviews.

Grant Evaluation

A group of researchers will be creating a portfolio for a grant evaluation and have different users contribute different pieces.

Shared Project Experiences

A student service learning group or leadership group wants to build shared portfolios about project experiences, without requiring a designated person be finally responsible for owning the portfolio.

Institutional Portfolios

Institutions and programs seeking to create and share institutional portfolios demonstrating the accomplishments of an institution or program want to build shared portfolios to highlight the assessment of student learning and other institutional or programmatic outcomes.

Functional Details (1)

  1. Portfolio owner shares his/her portfolio with other users, and is given the option to check a box stating "Everyone I share this portfolio with may collaboratively contribute material". The portfolio owner could uncheck this option at any time to revoke collaborative contributions. The portfolio owner could also add/remove users from the share list. This will not grant shared users the option of modifying the shared settings.
  2. If checked, shared users would get the option to edit or contribute content to a portfolio (other options, such as download, statistics, delete would remain disabled).
  3. Forms created by the owner or the shared users would be available for adding to the portfolio.

While shared users may collaboratively contribute content to a single portfolio, they will not be able to collaboratively edit a single form (see Outstanding Issues below).

Once a portfolio is completed, the portfolio owner should uncheck the collaborative option before sharing the portfolio with other users who should only be granted read-access. Alternatively, the portfolio could be shared publicly, granting read-access to all users, and write-access to shared users only.

Interaction and Implications (1)

  • This would require a database modify to add the new osp_presentation.isCollab table row
  • Collaborative users could only edit their own forms
  • Collaborative users could only select their own forms and files from the list of available forms and files. This is to avoid a security breach, where one user could enable collaborative editing as a back-door entrance to view another user's My Workspace forms and files.

Diagrams and Mockups (3)

Owner chooses to enable collaborative contributions:


Shared user can choose to contribute to a collaborative portfolio owned by another user:


Shared user can add/remove content, edit summary information, but not change share settings:


Community Acceptance (4)

August 31, 2009: Reviewed at osp conference call. Comments incorporated.

Available for evaluation at

Part 2 of the Proposal for Enhancement Template: The Specification
The specification should be filled out once the feature is clearly defined.

Specification Template (5)


Workflow Steps

Portfolio Creation

Prerequisite Conditions or Step:



Portfolio owner creates a portfolio

Post-step Conditions or Next Step:

Enable Collaboration

Enable Collaboration

Prerequisite Conditions or Step:

Portfolio Creation


Portfolio owner enables collaborative contributions

Post-step Conditions or Next Step:

Owner Edits & Collaborative Edits

Owner Edits

Prerequisite Conditions or Step:

Portfolio Creation


Portfolio owner creates, edits, add & forms to portfolio

Post-step Conditions or Next Step:


Collaborative Edits

Prerequisite Conditions or Step:

Enable Collaboration


Shared users (collaborative contributors) may create, edit & add forms to portfolio

Post-step Conditions or Next Step:




Quality Metrics




Outstanding Issues

The ability to have two sets of shared users (those with read-only access and those with read/write access) would allow collaborators to contribute at the same time other users review and comment on a portfolio. This option will not be implemented with this request due to added framework and user interface complexity. It may be re-addressed in a future release.

The ability for users to collaboratively edit portfolio content, as in a wiki, will also not be implemented as part of this request, but may be re-addressed in a future release. Note that the current collaborative editing does open the possibility of one user over-writing another user's changes if both edit sessions occur concurrently.

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