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  • Addition of Goal Management Functionality to Matrices and Wizards
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Addition of Goal Management Functionality to Matrices and Wizards

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Indiana University - John Gosney & Lynn Ward


Feb 18, 2008

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Part 1: Functional Description

Addition of Goal Management Functionality to Matrices and Wizards


This enhancement will allow a matrix/wizard author to:

  • publish a Matrix or Wizard as a Goal Set
  • share that Goal Set with multiple worksites
  • link assignments from classes to matrix cells or wizard pages
  • link matrix cells or wizard pages to one or more cells/pages in other matrices/wizards, perhaps in a different sites
  • aggregate student work related to linked assignments in matrix cells/wizard pages
  • provide formative feedback to the student and evaluate the collection of student work

Rationale (1)

The original OSP matrix allows a matrix author to enumerate a list of "criteria" and "levels" (normally constrained to a portfolio worksite), creating a grid of "cells" for students to collect "artifacts" or "evidence" of their progress towards meeting institutional expectations. The design was intended to allow student's to identify the pieces of evidence that they wanted to present to a evaluator. However, it did not provide a means for teachers/faculty to "push" items into student's matrix cells or wizard pages.

The Goal Management tool and Goal Aware Assignment modification allowed a user to enumerate a hierarchical set of goals in one site and "associate" the goal sets in one site with other sites. This enabled teachers throughout Sakai to identify which of these shared goals their assignments met. Furthermore, a "rating" feature provided a means for recording assessment scores for each student's work for each linked goal. Here the focus was on faculty/teachers performing a more detailed assessment of selected assignments with a common framework for reporting and not on the "meta-assessment" of a collection of work. However, the Goal Management tool did not allow the goal set author to articulate levels or rubrics for each goal/level combination. Moreover, Goal Management did not include support for formative feedback, reflection, custom forms, evaluation workflow, and other features that are critical to many portfolio implementations.

The proposed enhancement combines the "cross-site" features of Goal Management with the two-dimensional visual model of the matrix. The enhancement will allow a matrix or wizard to be associated with other work sites as a goal set, allowing teachers/faculty to link a class assignment to a matrix cell or wizard page and "autopopulate" a student's cells/pages with assignment descriptions and submissions and assessment data as designated by the faculty. Students will also be able to add additional evidence/artifacts ad-hoc to the cell/page.

The ability for evidence of student learning to be aggregated from various sources (teacher designated or self selected works) will be useful to:

  • program administrators who wish to automatically collect student work as a part of an institutional accountability initiative
  • program administrators that wish to provide a means for students to have a space to present alternate evidence of their learning towards program success criteria
  • teachers/faculty who need a means of identifying assignments in their class that meet program and institutional outcomes


Indiana University has proposed merging the Goal Management functionality into Matrix and Wizards.

User Stories (1)

Actors and Stakeholders

Program Administrator:
Matrix/wizard author:

User Story 1: Program Administrator associates matrices/wizards from one

work site with other work sites

  1. Program Administrator navigates to a site containing the matrix/wizard
  2. Program Administrator author searches for and selects other work sites to
    associate with

User Story 2: Matrix/wizard author publishes a matrix to associated

sites with rubrics as a "goal set"

  1. Matrix/wizard author navigates to a site containing the matrix tool
  2. Matrix/wizard author creates a "new" matrix
  3. Matrix/wizard author creates new "criteria/goal" and "levels"
  4. Matrix/wizard author specifies a set of "cell defaults" (which include
    default styles, status, forms, evaluators and reviewers) for the entire
    matrix that will be used in each cell, unless overridden in individual
    cells. (see
  5. Matrix/wizard author adds a rubric and expectations to each cell of the
  6. Matrix/wizards author publishes the matrix or wizard

User Story 3: Faculty/teacher links assignments from a course worksite

to matrix cells or wizard pages

  1. Instructor navigates to a work site containing the assignment tool
  2. While creating a new assignment the instructor may browse/search the goal
    sets (matrices/wizards) associated with this site and may select one or more
    goal/level combinations that apply to this assignment. To assist the
    instructor, the goal description and rubric for each combination is
  3. Instructor posts the assignment for students.

User Story 4: Student completes assignment that has been linked to


  1. Student navigates to a site containing the assignment tool
  2. Student selects an assignment to complete
  3. Student views the assignment title, instructions, due date, as well as the
    goals sets, goals, levels, rubrics and expectations for all goals/levels
    linked to this assignment.
  4. Student completes and hands in work.
  5. Students navigates to "My Workspace" and enters their assessment
  6. Student sees their work has been added to the right cell/page of the
    appropriate matrix/wizard as evidence.

User Story 5: Student selects and adds additional evidence of

learning/mastery to matrix/wizard

  1. Students navigates to "My Workspace" and enters their assessment dashboard
  2. Student selects a matrix or wizard (Goal set)
  3. Student selects a wizard page or matrix cell
  4. Student views the guidance, rubric and expectations for this goals/level
  5. Student attaches a new piece of evidence to this cell/page
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