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  • 2013-4-1 Conference Call
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OSP Community Call Notes for April 4, 2013


  1. Debbie Runshe is leaving IUPUI as of today to accept a new position at Purdue University. Thanks, Debbie, for all your great participation (and great note-taking) in the OSP Community. You will be missed!

  2. Update on integration of HEC Montreal portfolio functionality with the Sakai CLE for Kyoto University.
    Janice Smith and Jacques Raynauld reported on progress with the LTI integration of WAD with Sakai and the use of WAD to deliver portfolio functionality for an innovative graduate program at Kyoto University. The HEC Montreal application WAD is intended for the use of portfolio designers in creating and piloting assessment portfolio workflows. Subsequent use of the same functionality in a more stable production environment takes place in the HEC Montreal portfolio application known as EPM. Three Caneos LLC has been assisting Kyoto University by 1) writing code to enable WAD as an LTI provider, 2) assisting Kyoto University with integrating WAD with the Sakai CLE 2.9, and creating a ePortfolio workflow to form the backbone of the Shishu-Kan Ph.D. program which aims to create global leaders with the skills to address current world problems. A complete demo of the resulting functionality and portfolio workflow is planned for sessions at Apereo 2013.

  3. Planning for two OSP community sessions at the Apereo Conference in San Diego June 2013.
    Two community sessions are planned for Apereo 2013, a free Sunday afternoon workshop entitled Update on ePortfolios Using Sakai and a Tech Demo session on Wednesday evening. The following individuals have indicated their willingness to present at these two sessions: Janice Smith, Jacques Raynauld, Shoji Kajita, Lynn Ward, Marc Zaldivar, Teggin Summer, Reba-Anna Lee. Additional planning for the two sessions will take place on the May 6 11 AM OSP Community Call.

  4. Update on the TWSIA portfolio award process.
    The portfolio category is alive and well in the TWSIA award process. Entries are being accepted until Friday, April 5, 2013!
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