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  • 2012-12-17 Conference Call
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In attendance:

  • Chris Maurer, Indiana University
  • Janice Smith, 3 Canoes
  • Nancy O'Laughlin, University of Delaware
  • Lynn Ward, Indiana University
  • Debbie Runshe, Indiana University

Agenda Notes:

Technical Updates:

2.9.1 should come out first of year.

IU to upgrade to 2.9 in May and therefore will be doing thorough regression testing prior to that date. New customizations to be contributed to the community from IU will be considered at that time.

Functional Updates:

Portfolio for the future of Sakai project. Janice Smith just got back from Japan. Many faculty at Kyoto are committed to the project. The functionality is a challenge since there may be assumptions about what the Montréal MATI's software does, that it does not. Hopefully there will be a Confluence page in the future about this project. There will be a demo in March, however, it may be in Japanese; will work on an English version.

There was a brief discussion of Josh Baron's recent post regarding OAE/CLE and general agreement regarding his views. Also discussed: the possibility of OAE becoming an LTI consumer as well as a provider. This could be a possibility for Portfolio for the Future project as a showcase portfolio. Another possibility would be to look at a possible Mahara integration.

University of Delaware (UD) is now supporting both Sakai and Canvas. Some portfolio projects are using Google sites since UD is a Google apps school, other UD projects have explored: Wix, blogging with WordPress, etc. There is a lot of experimentation with platforms going on at UD.

Chris Maurer, IU, will transition to another project at the first of the year, perhaps until April. If any major issues arise we may contact him. Lynn Ward, IU, will facilitate these calls and we will plan to meet once a month, the first Mondays of the month, until it gets closer to the annual conference. A brief discussion of the need to explore the format of these meetings for the future to engage other community members took place. Virginia Tech is still committed to OSP, however their involvement with this call is limited. Also mentioned: Shawn Kesler is no longer working on the website, so interaction with the group maintaining the website may also need to change. Ed Watson is now at University of Georgia, however is maintaining ties to the portfolio community.

Next Meeting: January 7, 2013.

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