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  • 2012-11-05 Conference Call
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In Attendance:

Chris Maurer, Indiana University
Lynn Ward, Indiana University
Debbie Runshe, Indiana University
Janice Smith, 3 Canoes
Nancy O’Laughlin, University of Delaware
Jacques Raynauld, Montréal MATI


  1. Technical Updates

Many resolved issues.

6 remaining issues:

        Unable to change schema in portfolio – bad data in form

Open Jiras

21522 – important to get into maintenance release

Discussion at QA last week re: the decision to stealth the Wizards tool; Charles Hedrick voiced concern; he had been contacted several times by the community in both community announcements and in personal correspondence with no response. Note: If one has a stake in a tool(s), s/he needs to connect with the community.

2.9 Release may come November 9th (1st projected date), 19th (2nd projected date), 29th (3rd projected date) pending testing and approval of TCC; plan to release more frequently than in the past.  Note: 21466 & 21469 are in 2.9

 2. Functional Updates

Update T&T Group – Josh Baron sent an announcement about upcoming meeting; plans to have a f2f meeting with those in attendance at Educause to discuss future directions; group meeting online week following Educause conference.

Portfolios for the future of Sakai

Janice just sent out an invitation to an open meeting to be held during Educause Conference, Thursday, November 8th from 10:30-12:00 in the Weston, near conference location. Sakai has paid for meeting space; will discuss Montréal MATI’s software. Kyoto is supporting the project financially.

Next meeting scheduled for Monday, November 12th for technical meeting in Montréal; will look at integration into Sakai and Kyoto’s needs; would like to launch middle of March.

Acknowledgement of contributions of Jacques Raynauld, Marc Zaldivar, and Teggin Summers, as well as, Janice Smith’s continued support.

Next meeting: November 19th



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