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  • 2012-10-15 Conference Call
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In Attendance:

  • Janice Smith, 3 Canoes
  • Nancy O'Laughlin, UD
  • Chris Maurer, IU
  • Lynn Ward, IU
  • Debra Runshe, IU


  1. Technical updates
    • 2.9 tentatively to be out later this month
    • Regression bug - attachments don’t make it through security; effecting 2.8; Jira needs to be filed; will need to be tested; may be fixed in 2.9; public presentation, attachment/artifact not visible; Chris addressed this in Sakai 16203

2. Functional updates

    • Teaching & Learning with Sakai group has not been meeting; Berkeley has dropped out; URG has stopped meeting, may become a more community group; may be focused on back end projects; Josh Baron may be working toward getting the Teaching & Learning group together; very little public information on project
    • Portfolio projects for the future of Sakai – moving ahead, Kyoto University approving 3 Canoes contract, who will be moving forward with the functionality being moved into Sakai; meetings coming up; two teams going to Montreal to look at functionality; Jacques recently met with team; Virginia Tech cleared up understanding of matrix and presentation tool; any institution will be invited to participate in an Educause meeting; will use LTI, so may  be used by other platforms
    • UD uses outside services for presentations, e.g., Google Sites, Weebly, WordPress; looking at Canvas’ learning outcomes functionality; pilots with over 1000 seats; primarily course-based; reporting functionality needs improvements to meet the needs of UD
    • Sakai San Diego dates now available; will look at TWSIA award in near future
    • IU has committee looking at portfolio platforms; IU’s customizations may be difficult to replicate

Next meeting: November 5

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