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  • 2012-10-01 Conference Call
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In Attendance:


  • Debbie Runshe, IU
  • Jacques Raynauld, HEC Montréal
  •  Chris Maurer, IU
  • Nancy O’Laughlin, UD
  • Janice Smith, 3 Canoes

Technical Notes:

  • 2.9 status - new version now out
  • Jiras - Chris looking at email issues, may be fix soon; 22653 - Brian is looking at this, listener may no longer be necessary (rSmart customizer impacted?)
  • Bug - in 2.8, form created in Form Builder, looks okay in Oxygen,  w/date and  attachment must  do attachment then date
  • 22400 - unable to change schema in portfolio (Chuck Hedrick)

Functional Notes:

  • Teaching and Learning with Sakai
    • Future of Portfolio in Sakai - Montreal  working on update for Educause; probably looking at integration in CLE; Kyoto interested; Virginia Tech still on board
    • Pilots continue at IU and UD
  • Portfolios in OAE - Funded Project.
    • no updates
  • Ongoing OSP Community Projects
    • No updates
  • OSP planning for the 2013 Jasig-Sakai Conference
    • No updates
  • Next meeting - October 15
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