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  • 2012-09-20 Conference Call
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In Attendance:

  • Lynn Ward, Indiana University
  • Janice Smith, Three Canoes
  • Nancy O’Laughlin, University of DE
  • Chris Maurer, IU
  • Jacques Raynauld, HEC Montreal
  • Mike Song USUHS

Technical Notes:

  • Issues with matrix and assignment linking fixed a couple of months ago (were blockers)
  • Email related issues are left, may be server configuration issues (which could be a documentation issue or something not set correctly in the nightly server)
  • The rest are placeholders for Accessibility studies
  • 2.9 release candidate being considered (two or three may be considered)

Functional Notes:

  • Teaching and Learning with Sakai OAE
    • Update on OAE Community
      • Charles Sturt and Berkeley withdrew from the Sakai OAE project
      • Previously the T&L with Sakai OAE facilitated by Bob Squillace, Lynn Ward, and John Hays
      • Lynn can no longer facilitate but will participate, Jon may change his role, many Berkeley people will no longer attend
      • NYU is still committed to OAE
      • Unclear what will happen to the T&L with Sakai
    • Portfolios in OAE
      • VTech, Kyoto U, HEC Montreal are planning a project to integrate the new HEC Montreal portfolio functionality into either OAE or the CLE.
      • This functionality replicates and improves upon the current OSP workflow - more effective interfaces and authoring tools, smoother process for student and faculty use, minimal coding involved
      • LTI integration is a strong possibility
      • Group will meet at Educause, two additional schools are interested in joining project
    • Indiana University pilots for future learning technology
      • Course Networking developed by Ali Jafari, creator of Angel and Epsilen
      •, anyone can create an account and join courses and connexes (SIGs)
      • LTI integration was fairly easy to implement
      • IU is making tool available to all courses, when turn it on a course site is created in the Course Networking application and as users log on, they are added to the course. Experience is rather like Facebook. There are some course management tools in the system, but nothing major to start (quizzes, email, live broadcasting, posting)
      • Unit at IU will conduct a formal evaluation of everything piloted; faculty advisory committees will recommend where to go with these project.
      • Course Networking not costing anything, if providing value will probably continue
  • OSP Community Projects
    • No updates
  • OSP planning for the 2013 Jasig-Sakai Conference
    • No updates
  • Next meeting - October 1
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