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  • 2011-09-19 Conference Call
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OSP Community Call Notes from 9-19-11

Teaching and Learning:

  • Teaching with Sakai seminar next week. We should join in to present portfolios at some point. The question is whether the series is only about OAE.
  • We also discussed the question of whether T and L sessions are continuing or not. We think they have not started up again.

Portfolio Visioning

  • Janice will get out an announcement for the first Portfolio Visioning meeting of the academic year on Sept 27, 4 PM EDT
  • Debbie will get out an announcement for the first MiniSpec meeting of the year on Oct 11, 4 PM EDT
  • Lynne will change the phone bridge for both meetings. Janice will remind her.

Portfolio Help

  • Janice will contact Elizabeth regarding community access to 2.6 Help
  • Janice will seek out Robin for advice on where 2.8 Help was left
  • Janice asked whether it might be appropriate to find out more about how useful Help documents have been by interviewing people who have used Help.
  • There was discussion about how to handle OSP 2.9 updates to Help. We need a list of what is different in 2.9 to work from. Chris will see about putting up a filter to isolate JIRA issues that have resulted in changes to OSP in 2.9.

Portfolio Marketing – How to improve the current Sakai webpage about portfolios

  • Should one or multiple institutions provide a showcase? Virginia Tech, IU (two current sites with information), UMich, others? Three Canoes demo (using Sakai personas)?
  • Which points do we want to highlight?
  • What vendors are there to support?
  • Could each bullet be a page with a further definition?
  • Some of this is what we are trying to do for our own institutions?
  • No one has time to work on this.

There was no interest in discussing the issues related to any particular institution’s use of the portfolio tools in Sakai. That agenda item is tabled for now.

Janice will reorganize functional agenda to archive some issues for later

QA Test Status – need to move to 2.9, Google Spread sheets

  • There was some discussion of whether moving the content outside of Confluence will be confusing. Confluence pages are all in one spot. We run the risk of making changes that are incorrect by creating another place for people to go, whereas Confluence pages are all linked together.
  • However, if people are willing to do work on something, they should feel free to do the things that are productive for them. If people willing to do work in Google Docs, we should entertain that for a while and see how it goes. It is open and public, accessible to all. We suggest that for history’s sake we do an occasional export to Confluence, not the active version just to have a record as a valuable product history.
  • Lynne wants Andrea to get rolling on it, but we will want to make sure that the stuff in Confluence is archived appropriately, so that it is obvious that these are old documents. We should mark current stuff accordingly.
  • Code Freeze is tomorrow for 2.9. Chris trying to check in a few last things, unpublished form. Noah is working to get internationalization in on time or will ask for the appropriate extensions

JIRA filters

  • A few items have been added, Brian has been assigned to several items. He has been encouraged to go to Sakai to fix things first, rather than OnCourse.
  • SAK 21126 – Rich text editor support, 2.8 issues, fix will be merged back to 2.8.1, forms continue to work whether use CK editor or FCK Editor, Noah will issue information to the list, about uploading conversion to the file, done in trunk but will merge to 2.8.
  • Noah will focus on the internationalization first.
  • 20715 is a performance issue. There is a Hiberate issue, interaction between Spring and Hibernate.
  • Noah and Chris were talking about 2.9 coming but IU and UMich are running 2.7. UDel and VTech running on 2.8. 2.9 issues are a problem because IU and UMich are on 2.7. Hard to keep up with testing with so many versions running. Lessens the chance of finding and fixing issues.
  • We need to request that everyone do more testing and more specific conversation when things seem strange. JIRA tickets that turn out to be nonissues are a decent form of documentation. If we discover that it is actually working as intended, that is a good thing too, report issues or send messages to the list. If they confuse people who are using the software for years, they will confuse others as well. Next time the issue happens, people will find some record of it. Helps carry forward the current state. Create a JIRA bring it up on the list, talk about it on the call, all helpful in troubleshooting.
  • Are some of the issues still targeted for 2.9? Chris will try to get it done. But not Roster Synchronization, some issues emerged, never really got any feedback from the Sakai developers. Could discuss how other institutions could do it differently. IU implemented Roster Sync differently – does not use the course management. Integration issues are problematic. Code right now is all in IU source code, so not a simple thing to untangle. Could abstract it to a branch by itself. There is a site hierarchy in 2.7, it might be easier to move forward with that functionality as a roster solution, than to take IU functionality and transform it. The child parent relationship is not set up for that. UDel has to do all this manually, a lot of extra work.
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