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  • 2011-07-25 Conference Call
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It was only developers on the call this week, so we skipped all the "boring" stuff ;)

shortened url in portfolios?

  • Is this a viable option yet?

Noah fixed SAK-20526

  • Chris also came up with a similar solution for their local build (oncourse)

Performance (SAK-20715)

  • no real chance to take a look
  • seems like any problem would quickly rise to the top under some slight load given the large delay noted in the issue

  • Someone do a quick test now that Safari 5.1 as been released

Reports (Dave)

  • IU changes up on a (local) 2.8.x branch
  • Running into an issue that may be a local issue and not merge related
  • feature request - Site specific reports, rather than all global
  • Get the process going for a CLA for Dave

Ravi asking about portfolio examples

  • Dave mentioning the gallery
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