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  • 2011-07-18 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for July 18, 2011

  1. Anthony Whyte: release on off-cycle. OSP has dependencies on some other projects that would have to be reworked so that they are on independent release. By the end of this week, it will be possible to do an independent release between 2.8.1 and 2.8.2. We would have to provide info on how to get the new code. We would still be part of the usual Sakai build. There will be an OSP assembly that will make OSP downloadable separately. The maintenance team steers clear of OSP because of lack of familiarity. Maybe we should be allowing other developers to cross over and help out. Maybe there should be a single CLE team, not a maintenance team. Then maintenance would be everyone's responsibility. The trick is to figure out a way to negotiate these changes without being disruptive. But will other developers want to get involved with OSP? Noah: there are roving hired guns (Steve, David, Sam) who have been around Sakai long enough to know how to deal with any line of source code. There will be a natural emergence of people who are responsible -- you touched it last, you know it best. But it will still be good to lower the boundaries between areas.There is a lot of conversation that goes on that doesn't make it into sakai-dev. It would enrich things if it did. Is there anything that the Sakai Foundation do to help recruit developers to OSP? Spreading word of the need.
  2. Community Updates
  3. 2.8 QA Status Test Scripts, 2.8 QA Signup with links to test scripts.
    • High Priority Issues.
      Sakai Portfolios Unable To View Properly After Creation
      OSP Jira TeamDonOpenUnresolved30/Apr/1108/Jul/11 
      Slowness/performance issues in Matrices tool
      OSP Jira TeamNancy O'LaughlinOpenUnresolved21/Jun/1127/Jun/11
      Noah looking at this. Michigan already fixed it?

Several tools are still using <fmt:setLocale> and <fmt:setBundle>
OSP Jira TeamJean-François LévêqueReopenedUnresolved31/May/1104/Jul/11Noah looking at these three related issues.

can't edit content in portfolio in Safari 5.1
OSP Jira TeamCharles HedrickOpenUnresolved07/Apr/1107/Apr/11 
Illegal state warnings on viewing public Portfolios
OSP Jira TeamAlan BergOpenUnresolved07/Apr/1113/Apr/11 
Throwable thrown due to poor input validation
OSP Jira TeamAlan BergOpenUnresolved14/Mar/1121/Mar/11 
On editing a Glossary term an ERROR is writen to the logs
OSP Jira TeamAlan BergOpenUnresolved14/Mar/1122/Mar/11 
OSP Tools don't respect language/locale preferences (only when english is not the default locale) - Part 2
Noah BotimerBeth KirschnerIn ProgressUnresolved21/Sep/1014/Mar/11 
Add properties to allow Matrices roster synching to be turned off at server level and site level.
Chris MaurerLynn E. WardOpenUnresolved08/Apr/1007/Feb/11 

  1. Sakai/OSP Maintenance Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle)).
    • SAK-18766 Erratic Stickiness of Group and User, No page update after Manage Status in Matrices tool (UMICH).
  2. Sakai Development Status (next major release cycle).
    • SAK-19184 OSP Tools don't respect language/locale preferences (only when English is not the default locale) - Part 2.
    • SAK-16693 Roster Synchronization (pending adding optional flag, branch, test server review and trunk merge).
    • SAK-19469 Allow coordinators to view unpublished forms added/owned by another coordinator
    • SAK-19466 Unpublished forms not available to other coordinators in Portfolio Templates tool
  3. OSP Community Prioritization of Open Issues.
  4. OSP Performance Issues.
  5. On the back burner.
    • Independent OSP release cycle: action items moving forward.