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  • 2011-06-27 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for June 27, 2011

Community Updates

  • Teaching and Learning Group
    • Design Lens group is meeting on Wednesdays in the same time slot. Only meeting on weeks when main T and L meeting does not take place. Jon Hays will facilitate. He is also on the User Reference Group for the Sakai OAE. Debbie has written to him to discuss standardization of the minispec template.
  • Portfolio Visioning.
    • Reports - Dave ran into one issue having to do with Sakai Reports. Will have something to report on July 18.
  • Sakai 2011 Conference.
    • Janice plans to finish notes for the six community sessions at Sakai LA and use the above page to further promote OSP community on the portfolio list.
  • Planning for Sakai 2012 Conference.
    • Find or make OSP Community banner for Tech Demo.
  • Discussion of ways to alert Sakai Foundation leaders of the need to persuade Sakai (portfolio-using) institutions to put more funding into java developers working with OSP.
    • Janice will invite Anthony White to join the OSP Community Call on July 18 or August 1, 15, 22, or 29.
  • OSP Marketing
    • Janice will send list of those newly interested in OSP to Chris along with digital copy of the OSP Community Resources handout from Sakai Los Angeles. Chris will write to the group inviting them to participate in OSP community activities. It is important to separate this activity from what any of the Sakai vendors do in relation to OSP.

Sakai Development Status.

  • SAK-19466 Unpublished forms not available to other coordinators in Portfolio Templates tool
    • IU working on this one. Change is on IU test server. Testing before IU release. Then Chris will put it in trunk and assumes he will back port it to Sakai 2.8 and 2.7.
  • OSP Performance Issues.
    • SAK-20715 Matrices slow to load.
      • IU will probably investigate this issue using their load testing capacity.