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  • 2011-06-06 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for June 6, 2011

  1. Community Updates
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group.There has not been a lot of activity the last two weeks. The person who was supposed to lead the pre-conference session is sick, so they are looking for someone to take over. Lynn will be representing portfolios. Lenses group is not meeting this week. Should we continue to update the whole group on T&L activities? Yes. David Goodrum sent out a proposal of a straw poll to rate Sakai 2 in relation to the design lenses vision. He has also invited the URG of OAE to do the same for OAE. He would like it before the conference. It's fine for it to be general and impressionistic.
    • Portfolio Visioning.
    • OSP Help Updates.
      • update documentation. We need to figure out what properties have been added when, document it on Confluence, and then have Help point to it. We were pretty exhaustive for 2.6. So the Confluence page is up to date for 2.6. The remaining work should be incremental, so not as hard. Jan will bring it up again after the Conference.
    • OSP Marketing.
      • Sakai Project website .
        • Enhanced content needed.
        • Links to additional resources needed.
      • OSP Community Directory update. At some of the Portfolio sessions at the Conference we should ask people to update the OSP Directory. Maybe have a sheet of paper that has resources, like how to get on the OSP mailing list, weekly meeting time, visioning sessions, how to enter self in OSP Confluence Directory.
      • Recruiting OSP resources for QA or other activities.
    • Planning for the Sakai LA Conference in June 2011.
      • Jan needs more people for the Showcase Monday morning. Lynn was going to talk about exposing Evaluations in the Innovations session. Debby will talk about Reporting Monday morning. Lynn can do a case study of one of their projects. Chris will help out Monday afternoon, and will also help with the Governance panel (Lynn will help on the Governance panel, too, Wednesday 9:45-12:00.?) Way too long a time. Talking about why our community works well, and giving stories to others. Noah will look at the six possible sessions and volunteer if there is anything that strikes his fancy.
      • Two Half-Day Pre-Conference OSP Workshops. Afternoon session staffed by Dave, with Jan and ? assisting. Jan will see whether Christian Aziz can also help.
      • Lynn and possibly Chris will help with the Tech Demo.
      • OSP Innovations.Panel. Thursday morning, Lynn, Bob, and Jacques, and maybe Nancy from a distance. Would be good if there were wired internet so we could bring Nancy in with Adobe Connect. We should do some tests earlier in the week.
      • OSP Community Activities: How to Encourage Collaboration in an Open Source Community.
      • Portfolio Visioning BOF. NYU will be participating.
  2. 2.8 QA Status Test Scripts, 2.8 QA Signup with links to test scripts.
    • High Priority Issues.New issue about tags that are not internationalizable. Noah will try to spend some time this week to at least get a clear message about what he plans to do and what he does not plan to do. Two weeks ago Chris started tinkering with adding English text for the forms tool, but it turned out to be fairly complex. There is also the issue of OSP permissions pages looking different from other Sakai permissions pages. Noah and Chris will brainstorm about it, this week or at the conference. SAK-20585 may be low hanging fruit -- wrong error message.

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