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  • 2011-05-16 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for May 16, 2011

  1. Community Updates
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group updates.
    • Sakai OAE.
      • General Status Update.
      • Portfolio Visioning for Sakai OAE.
      • Portfolio Reports.
      • Portfolio Minispecs . Met on the 5th. The template has been put in all the places for the specs. For scenarios they revised one that only includes personas that are relevant to portfolios (?). Next meeting Friday at noon.
      • Meeting in Duluth on Friday about portability. Paul Treuer, some Japanese, and Jan will meet. Setting up containers for data that can be labeled and shared, even if the data is structured differently.
    • Planning for the Sakai LA Conference in June 2011.
      • Conference has been strangely slow to notify people of acceptances. Lynn will talk to people.
  2. 2.8 QA Status Test Scripts, 2.8 QA Signup with links to test scripts.
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