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  • 2011-05-09 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for May 9, 2011

  1. Community Updates
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group updates. This coming Monday, May 16 5pm eastern. Jacques Reynaud will be presenting on Open Syllabus in OAE. It basically is how to run a course in one tool.
    • Sakai OAE.
      • General Status Update. Nothing new.
      • Portfolio Visioning for Sakai OAE. Will be meeting next on the 24th at 4pm eastern. May be the last meeting of the summer.
      • Portfolio Reports. Discussed OLAP 2 plan for reporting. A way for determining what will go into specific reports.
      • Portfolio Minispecs . Template for minispecs was updated. Will continue meeting through the summer.
    • OSP Help Updates.
      • no updates
    • OSP Marketing.
      • Sakai Project website .
        • People in Spain have been asking to have the pages translated into European languages. If we upgraded our OSP pages, they would get translated.
      • Recruiting OSP resources for QA or other activities. There will be a BOF "Meet the Ambassadors" with representatives.
    • Planning for the Sakai LA Conference in June 2011.
      • Jan hasn't been notified about the OSP sessions yet.
      • Phillip Uys invited everyone interested to an open session on OAE on Sunday 2-4.
  2. 2.8 QA Status Test Scripts, 2.8 QA Signup with links to test scripts.
    • Dave ran into a problem with startup, where a check for locked files takes 30 seconds, which causes a cascade of issues with the restart. where if you delete an XSL file that is being used as an alternate renderer, the form becomes unusable. There is a check to see if there are any previous files that need to be locked. Does this code need to be run every time? The routine in question should be a one-time deal. Is there a property that can be turned off? Jira SAK-12855. It's set with a bean property.
    • High Priority Issues.
      JIRA Issues

xsl-portal triggers NPE, sakai inaccessible
OSP Jira Team Nicola Monat-Jacobs Open Unresolved 05/May/11 06/May/11 This needs attention, since it will have ramifications for 2.8 upgrade. Appropriate that it is marked as a blocker. The XSL portal should be deprecated, but there are users of the portal, not just OSP schools, because they like the grouping of tools.

Forms permissions I18N error
OSP Jira Team Universidad Complutense de Madrid Open Unresolved 03/May/11 03/May/11 Noah will downgrade to major. Needs translations.

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