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  • 2011-04-11 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for April 11, 2011

  1. Community Updates
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group updates. Full teaching and Learning group hasn't met for a while. In the Lenses group they have had guest speakers from institutions that are piloting OAE. Alan Marks has posted some new conceptual designs.
    • Sakai OAE.
      • General Status Update.
      • Portfolio Visioning for Sakai OAE.
      • Portfolio Reports. The group met last week and continues to work on their mini-spec. Continued to work on that process.
      • Portfolio Minispecs .Jan has created a template for mini-specs, and several people have signed up to write some. Email will be sent out to people who have expressed an interest in particular fields, recommending that they create a mini-spec.
    • OSP Help Updates.
      • KB group continues to move forward with reviewing and implementing 2.6 Help. Lynn has responded to one question, and still has another to go.
    • Planning for the Sakai LA Conference in June 2011.
      • Jan submitted proposals on behalf of the community, but needs participants to present (assuming the sessions are accepted). 178 proposals were submitted. They hope to have everything reviewed by a week from Thursday. Decisions on Pre-Conference Workshops will be made sooner.
  2. 2.8 QA Status Test Scripts, 2.8 QA Signup with links to test scripts.QA-3 is not updated to latest release because it required database conversion that he didn't have time for. In RC-4, Marist students really just spot-checked bugs they found in RC-3 rather than doing a full round of testing.
    • High Priority Issues.

can't edit content in portfolio in Safari 5.1
OSP Jira TeamCharles HedrickOpenUnresolved07/Apr/1107/Apr/11 
Illegal state warnings on viewing public Portfolios

Is this just a problem in the logs, or is there a problem with functionality? Erica will make comment in ticket asking.
Alan BergOpenUnresolved07/Apr/1107/Apr/11 
Throwable thrown due to poor input validation
OSP Jira TeamAlan BergOpenUnresolved14/Mar/1121/Mar/11 
On editing a Glossary term an ERROR is writen to the logs
OSP Jira TeamAlan BergOpenUnresolved14/Mar/1122/Mar/11 
OSP Tools don't respect language/locale preferences (only when english is not the default locale) - Part 2
Noah BotimerBeth KirschnerIn ProgressUnresolved21/Sep/1014/Mar/11 
Add properties to allow Matrices roster synching to be turned off at server level and site level.
Chris MaurerLynn E. WardOpenUnresolved08/Apr/1007/Feb/11 

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