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  • 2011-02-28 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for Feb. 28, 2011

  1. Community Updates
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group updates. There was a meeting last Monday. There will be a Design Lense  meeting tonight. The OAE leads from NYU will be there. On the 22nd Jacques will be giving a  demo of work they are doing at 4pm eastern. Their work is compatible with OAE. Tomorrow there will be a meeting of 11 eastern Reports Group. Minispecs meets next on the 25th at noon eastern. They will begin to divide up the work. They have titles corresponding to all the different verbs. Will be sending out a call for participation from the wider community. Jan will put out an announcement about all three meetings.
    • Sakai OAE.
    • OSP Help Updates.Still working on getting 2.6 up through the KB people. Jan is still working/waiting on 2.8. The process for an institution is that the institution has to go get the files and integrate them.
      • update documentation.
    • OSP Marketing.
    • Planning for the Sakai LA Conference in June 2011.
      • OSP session on how the OSP Community works.
      • Half or full day OSP Workshop.
      • Panel on OSP innovations.
      • Portfolio Visioning session.
  2. 2.8 QA Status Test Scripts, 2.8 QA Signup with links to test scripts.
  3. Sakai/OSP Maintenance Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle)).
    • SAK-18766 Erratic Stickiness of Group and User, No page update after Manage Status in Matrices tool (UMICH).
  4. Sakai Development Status (next major release cycle).
    • SAK-19184 OSP Tools don't respect language/locale preferences (only when english is not the default locale) - Part 2.
    • SAK-16693 Roster Synchronization (pending adding optional flag, branch, test server review and trunk merge).
  5. Open 2.8 OSP Jiras
  6. OSP Jira FIlters Add another table of issues that we want to address soon?
  7. Is there a need to do a round of voting on open issues to see what is important to people?
  8. Should we try to get developers to bring up the need for more developer resources with the administration in their institutions? Or with Sakai management?
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