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  • 2011-02-21 OSP Community Call
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Community Updates:

  • Teaching and Learning Group: Organization of Sakai OAE continues to change, causing some questions within the Teaching and Learning Group about how best to proceed with input into functional requirements. Meeting later today will be a demo of most recent developments.
  • Portfolio Visioning for Sakai OAE: Portfolio Visioning group meets on Tuesday of this week. Major work of group is taking place in two subgroups for minispecs and reports. Jacques Raynauld will demonstrate the progress made by Montreal Matí during the March 2011 meeting of the main visionary group. This week's meeting will summarize progress to date.
  • Sakai Project Website: We need enhanced content on the ePortfolios in Sakai page(s). Sean Keesler will put up what we decide upon. We can use the primary scenario and personas created by the portfolio visioning process to detail the use of the portfolio tools, using a menu like that on the Teaching and Learning page on the website.
  • OSP Community Directory (on Confluence with potential link to Sakai Project Website): Important to record entries by all the current institutions and vendors using Sakai. Need to add Marist College (now added), U of Michigan (update), Roger Williams University, Rutgers University, Tufts University, Ballston Spa Central School District (NY), School Administrative Unit 53 (New Hampshire). Also talk with Serensoft and other vendors about any additional OSP clients they may have to list. Lynn Ward and Nancy O'Laughlin will help Janice Smith work on this website later in the spring or early summer.
  • Planning for the Sakai LA Conference in June 2011: Four possible sessions are being considered: A half or full day OSP Workshop, a panel on OSP innovations, a portfolio visioning session, and a fourth session, originally to be on OSP QA testing, but now modified. The new idea for the fourth session is to showcase how the OSP community works together on many activities including QA. In this way we can possibly attract more OSP community members and also dialog with other Sakai communities about ways to collaborate. So far, Jacques, Lynn, and Janice can participate in the conference for sure. Nancy and Debbie may be able to participate. Others are waiting for word on funding.

Technical Updates:

  • A long discussion took place on how to track Jira issues on the OSP meeting page. In the past, only the issues that had resources were listed. The group today would like to see more of the issues listed. It was decided to keep the filter for critical or blocker issues up on the page, and add a second live filter that would feature either the most recent OSP Jira issues or a combination of the most recent issues and the ones deemed most important by the community. Chris will look into appropriate filters for this task. The issue may need to be revisited next meeting.
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