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  • 2011-01-10 Conference Call
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Meeting Minutes for Jan. 10, 2011

No meeting MLK Day.

  1. Community Updates
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group updates. Lenses group met last Monday. May change their name, since they are now working mostly  on mini-specs.
    • Status updates on OSP Help Updates
      • KB group has been working and materials will be ready for download by institutions soon.
      • update documentation
    • 2.8 QA Status Test Scripts, 2.8 QA Signup with links to test script. Margaret will be including info about testing in the Sakai newsletter.Alan Berg says that we are about 3 weeks away from a Release Candidate release.We reviewed the status of each jira and made the following recommendations for status changes:
      SAK-19643 - possible downgrade to critical instead of a blocker - Chris and Noah will discuss
      SAK-19504 - Keep as blocker issue. Investigate to discover under what conditions this issue occurs
      SAK-19774 - Noah is taking this issue under condition and will fix at some point in near future (may or may not occur by release candidate)
      SAK-19740 - Downgrade from critical to major
      SAK-19729 - Leave at current status, Assigned to Chris but Dave may also take a look
      SAK-19518 - Keep as critical
      SAK-19505 - Downgrade to major
      SAK-19201 - Downgrade to minor
      SAK-19184 - Noah working on this one, keep as critical, Noah also working on email notification
      SAK-18538 - Could Rutgers work on this one? Keep as critical. This has to do with the decisions of registrars, which are not easy to change
      SAK-18344 - Keep as critical
      SAK-18309 - Downgrade to major
      SAK-17579 - Workaround is possible. A simple setting for administrators can accomplish this. Downgrade to major. Lots of work investigating and testing is needed to resolve this ticket.
      SAK-19737 - Noah will comment on this ticket. It has to do with the invisibility of unpublished forms. The visibility issue needs to be fixed. When that happens, this ticket will become a non-issue.
      SAK-19715 - Won't fix. Difficult to resolve. Already listed a resolved/won't fix
      SAK-19714 - Upgrade from major to critical
      SAK-19705 - Duplicate ticket
      SAK-19704 - Workaround is possible. Leave as major
      SAK-19703 - Leave as major. No loss of data occurs
      SAK-19664 - Leave as is.
      SAK-19518 - Double listed. See above.
      SAK-19481 - Similar to SAK-16131, Chris and Lynn need to take a look at this ticket and comment, Noah will set them up as watchers
      SAK-19474 - Downgrade to major
      SAK-19473 - This one may already be fixed. If not, possibly Chris could fix quickly. Leave as major.
      SAK-19465 - Leave as is
      SAK-19356 - Downgrade to minor
      SAK-19340 - Downgrade to minor
      SAK-19339 - Downgrade to minor
      SAK-19337 - Leave as is
      SAK-19336 - Upgrade to major
      SAK-19322 - This check-box should be turned off by default - leave as minor
      SAK-19321 - Possibly already resolved. Chris or Noah should check and update ticket
      SAK-19316 - Leave as minor
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