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  • 2010-05-17 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for May 17, 2010

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle))
    • SAK-15929 Maintain able to use wizards without permission to do so
  2. Sakai 2.7 Development Status
    • Status update: 2.7 QA Testing (The OSP Test Scripts can be found at OSP Test Scriptsand Scripts for Testing IU Enhancements)
    • SAK-18506 Resolve OSP 2.7 Conversion Script differences from new database creation
    • 2.7.0 tag pending... Release team hoping to get tag out, but they have discovered some OSP problems. There are differences between a fresh database and one converted from 2.6. Beth fixed the easy ones, but would like Indiana to look at the ticket, because some seem to be related to IU updates. Should we make the argument that this shouldn't hold up the release?
  3. Sakai 2.7.1 Development Status
    • SAK-18427 PermissionExceptions on startup of demo
    • SAK-18309 OSP permission helper UX mismatch
    • SAK-17940 Auto-select of Portfolio Forms causing intermittent problems
    • SAK-14401 OSP Tools don't respect language/locale preferences (only when english is not the default locale). If you are touching any file that has internationalization, make your change, then go back and fix any internationalization issues.
    • SAK-18458 Need a MatrixManager.getNode signature that doesn't check locks for scalability
    • SAK-18459 OSP role-based authorization is far too inefficient. Noah has checked in changes in 2.7 (not 2.7.1)
  4. Sakai 2.8 Development Status
  5. Sakai 3
    • Sakai 3 ePortfolio General Status Updates
    • In the 2-day T&L call, there was still a back and forth about to what extent portfolio differs from all the other things in Sakai. Some would like to see portfolios homogenized into Sakai 3, but there is danger that some features will be lost. Won't be clear until some development has been done.
  6. Standing Agenda
    • Institutional applications of OSP (discussion/updates). Michigan has implemented a couple themes in Sakai 3. VT just updated to 2.6 last Saturday. They are going to start using OSP Experimental to help them get up to 2.7. They need the assignment linking function. 3 Canoes has been using OSP Experimental successfully, except for a few glitches that Beth fixed. OSP experimental is a setting. They are also going to try to do reporting on the matrices. Will try to use Michigan's reporting approach. They are trying to reduce the number of forms in the system. They have ways for assessment to be linked into professional-looking portfolios. Delaware doing a lot of linking with assessment. They have set up a template that can be filled out on Google Docs, and then used to create a Matrix. Their pilots are using Page Composer, but there is some thought that they should just be using Google Sites. They are using Will's reporting gizmo. Tiffany will write up UM's reasons for using Page Composer rather than Google Sites (main reason is reporting for assessment.)
    • Sakai Conference updates. Jan is still working on the conference.
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group & requirements gathering
    • Documentation & Communication
    • Status updates on OSP Help UpdatesBrian Dashew reviewed three sections.
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