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  • 2010-04-19 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for April 19, 2010

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle))
    • SAK-15929 Maintain able to use wizards without permission to do so. No change.
    • FCKeditor has new problem with HTML showing up in page, etc. This has been seen recently at a number of institutions. There was no upgrade or obvious change that could have caused it. Noah will be looking into what caused the problem, and he is also looking into integrating the CKeditor (FCKeditor 3.0). This handles paste from Word much better. In the meantime, people should check both boxes in the Paste from Word dialog.
  2. Sakai 2.7 Development Status
    • Status update: 2.7 QA Testing (The OSP Test Scripts can be found at OSP Test Scriptsand Scripts for Testing IU Enhancements)
    • SAK-14401 Recently upgraded to a blocker. OSP Spring-based tools do not honor internationalization. The method of grabbing the language locale is different in OSP tools from the rest of Sakai. You can't set the language property in your personal settings. Beth will contact the powers that be and try to get it made critical, not blocker.
    • SAK-17713 Evaluations Tools bug reopened by IU because fix caused performance problems. The fix is checked in.
    • SAK-18331 Wizards not functioning in 2-7-0_B6 tag Fixed.
    • SAK-17713 Evaluation Tool: If User has a wizard to eval from a different site and was selected by role as evaluator, the eval tool will crash when viewing from a different site
    • SAK-18345 Reflections page from main wizard screen appearing on pages after returned by evaluator (* new *). May be old problem of trying to edit forms in two different tabs. When you save, the data may be saved to the wrong form. Beth will talk with Brian Dashew.
    • SAK-18346 Missing "remove" button for reflections in wizards (*new *). Changes made to Matrices tool didn't make it into Wizards. Not a priority for anyone, so we won't track it anymore.
    • (two JIRAs pending related to roster synchronization problems)
  3. Sakai 2.7.1 Development Status
    • SAK-18309 OSP permission helper UX mismatch. No activity, but this is critical.
    • SAK-17940 Auto-select of Portfolio Forms causing intermittent problems. Michigan can't test until there is a clustered testing environment, which probably won't happen until late May.
    • SAK-18181 Importing wizard crash with DB2 database. Anthony was going to send email to the IBM group asking them to look into this. No one on call has the right environment to work on this, so we won't track it anymore.
    • SAK-16868 HTML encoding disappears when editing rich text. You can enter HTML entities, but if you go back to edit it again, the entities will be interpreted as part of the page markup. Really an FCKeditor problem, not a Forms tool problem. Changed to Major.
    • SAK-16795 forms with more than 9 items in a list fail on submit. Can't reproduce. Issue with local build? We will stop tracking this item.
    • SAK-16871 osp share sends wrong password. This is bad behavior and should be fixed.
    • SAK-18084 Can cause a DB error with a Glossary import if the short description is greater than 255 characters. Causes crash dump, so should be fixed. Just enforce the limitation in the UI.
    • SAK-18011 Page title does not support special characters. Need a clever solution, but not technically difficult.
    • SAK-18010 Warning of anonymous use of org.theospi.portfolio.presentation.control.ViewPresentationControl does not contain IP address of remote user. Changed to minor and no longer a security issue.
    • SAK-16181 osp: resources are not correctly released (Static Code Review). Noah fixed this.
  4. Sakai 2.8 Development Status
    • SAK-16557 Indexes are missing on OSP tables with Oracle. Noah working on it, but not at top of stack.
    • SAK-16693 Roster Synchronization (pending adding optional flag; test server review and trunk merge). Assigned to IU, but they can't work on it till after their release on May 15th.
    • SAK-15547 Skip First Step of Portfolio Creation (if only one choice presented to user). No one has claimed it yet.
    • SAK-17579 OSP fails if compiled on Java 1.6. Stop tracking?
    • Edit Selected link on Add/Edit page of Portfolios tool appears and disappears. It should always be present, but grayed out if not available. Beth will fix.
  5. Sakai 3
    • Sakai 3 ePortfolio General Status Updates
    • Montreal should have something to show in a couple weeks.
    • The work the Keli at Stanford is doing continues to take portfolio needs into account, even though it isn't creating portfolio tools.
  6. Standing Agenda
    • Sakai Conference updates
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group & requirements gathering. They plan to have another marathon meeting in late April or May.
    • Status updates on OSP Help UpdatesFor, there should be a page on Confluence that is linked to from the Help pages.
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