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  • 2010-03-22 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for March 22, 2010

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle))
    • SAK-15929 Maintain able to use wizards without permission to do so. No updates.
  2. Sakai 2.7 Development Status
    • Status update: 2.7 QA Testing (The OSP Test Scripts can be found at OSP Test Scriptsand Scripts for Testing IU Enhancements). Michigan student will update screenshots in Portfolios tool page.
    • Rutgers fixes – in or out for 2.7? See email. SAK-16871 Sharing portfolios with default Sakai authentication sends the wrong password. Fix was not ideal, and duplicates code. Situation not ideal, though, so we will go ahead and implement the fix. SAK-15734 Beth was unable to duplicate the crash. You have to be in a new instance that has no forms at all. Beth added comments to ticket. She will take a look at it this week. Next issue: SAK-15909  Charles didn't like the fix. In old sites you could have an illegal name. The fix simply aborts the edit. Charles Hedrick had a fix that fixed up the name so it would work. Everyone should look at the fix and the comments on the ticket for next week. SAK-16868 Not handling the less than character in forms. Beth has added this to the list of fixes. Charles will add patch. They have been running it in production. SAK-16795 Issue that someone needs to look at. Attached patch and comment that it is working in production would expedite process of inclusion. Finally, Statically creating a public folder. Default is to put images in the site. Adviser approach would be preferred by Charles Hedrick. Michigan has implemented a pure JavaScript approach. When you load up an editor, it looks for a specifically named folder in the user's My Workspace. If it exists but is not public, ask the user if they want it made public. Otherwise just puts the file in the public folder.
    • SAK-17659 potential NPE's and s resource leaks in OSP found by static code review Closed and merged
    • SAK-16557 Indexes are missing on OSP tables with Oracle. On hold.
    • SAK-17852 !site.template.portfolio lacks roster perms for all roles. No one has adopted this. Probably very simple to fix.
    • SAK-17940 Auto-select of Portfolio Forms causing intermittent problems. Beth asked QA for a cluster of QA servers. No response.
    • SAK-18142 Reports fails on Tomcat startup Closed. No longer a problem.
    • SAK-18181 OSP > Importing wizards causing bug reports. Brought up last week by Bryan. IU hasn't looked at it.
    • SAK-16868 < disappears when editing rich text
    • SAK-16795 forms with more than 9 items in a list fail on submit
  3. Sakai 2.8 Development Status
    • SAK-17351 Duplicating portfolios (merge pending review on osp test server). We still don't have a server to put this on. Should a developer just merge it locally and test, then merge to trunk? A few issues were raised at the demo. Can Unicon provide a demo server? Beth will contact Aaron and Anthony. IU will look at what's wrong with the other nightly.
    • SAK-16693 Roster Synchronization (followup on questions/answers since Feb 15 call) Hedrick uses groups that are synchronized with the roster based on provider id. He sent out email about further complications. IU will digest the email and respond next week.
    • SAK-15547 Skip First Step of Portfolio Creation (if only one choice presented to user)
    • SAK-17579 OSP fails if compiled on Java 1.6
  4. Sakai 3
    • Sakai 3 ePortfolio (UM) Overview/demo pending March 29. UM creating new portfolio tool from scratch. Bringing materials from Sakai 2 is still unclear. Maybe a utility?
    • Communications with Keli Amman from Stanford. We want to be integrated as much as possible, but not get lost. We need rich narratives of what could be done. Hedrick: Will Sakai 3 be ready in time to compete with eCollege.
    • Sakai 3 ePortfolio General Status Updates
  5. Standing Agenda
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