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  • 2010-01-25 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for January 25, 2010

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle))
    • SAK-16433 FCK editor freeform portfolio item plugin does not create hyperlink. Noah will look at Brian's fix. Suspicious because code used to work.
    • SAK-17713 Evaluation Tool: If User has a wizard to eval from a different site and was selected by role as evaluator, the eval tool will crash when viewing from a different site. If you are in one site, the Evaluations tool thinks that is the only site you are a member of.
    • SAK-17750 Wizard NullPointer when Eval Loads Wizard. Important, since Evaluator cannot load a wizard to review it.
  2. Sakai 2.7 Development Status
    • Status update: 2.7 QA Testing (The OSP Test Scripts can be found at OSP Test Scriptsand Scripts for Testing IU Enhancements)
    • Status update: Code review / bug fixes - info from Alan Berg - SAK-17647. If Noah isn't going to work on them this week, he should reassign it to OSP Jira Team.
    • Known issues remaining for merged SAK-15710 (IU enhancements)
      • SAK-16237 Not allowed to evaluate in Evaluations tool in My Workspace fixed.
      • SAK-17350 Broken link back to associated assignment when editing a cell. Possibly fixed. Chris will retest.
    • SAK-16557 Indexes are missing on OSP tables with Oracle. It would be good for someone besides Michigan to review them. Chris looked at them, and IU will release with the indexes on Thursday. We need to write a patch so other institutions can install them. MySQL creates most of the indexes automatically, because it creates indexes for foreign keys. Not all the indexes use foreign keys, though. Rutgers already has the indexes. Noah will follow up with Capetown.
    • SAK-17508 Can't change name of portfolio in Portfolios tool. Hard to track down because was only showing up consistently on one server, which is no longer a 2.7 server. IU has had a problem with it, though.
    • SAK-17323 In Portfolios tool, prompt user to give portfolio a name at the time of creation. IU is running this in their local build. They will implement it in trunk.
    • SAK-17324 Edit Portfolio Name & Description at top of Summary Screen (move read-only fields to bottom of summary screen)
    • SAK-17662 Downloading a Portfolio causes a stacktrace. Only happens with a particular portfolio template. Any insight would be appreciated.
    • SAK-17735 Test form zip file fails to import while following instructions - ST.Script.04.Set-up+project+site
    • SAK-17736 Lines disappear in the Actions column in the Add Attachment form. Worth looking at.
    • SAK-17753 Error when importing a form. Worth looking at.
    • SAK-17754 NPE upon clicking Manage Site Associations on qa8 (MySQL issue?). May be Websphere issue. Websphere may care about the order of attributes in the XML file, so it may be a matter of setting the order.
    • TBD - desynchronization/caching of matrix cell content (users complain of lost portfolio content). Scenario: user is logged in somewhere and makes a change. Then user logs in on another machine to show the new material to the professor. Unknown to user, he is on different servers in the cluster. The two servers are not synchronized, so the new material does not show up for professor. Probably a Hibernate caching issue. We could turn down the wait time, or even turn it off completely. Would have to see what the effect of turning off completely would be.
  3. Sakai 2.8 Development Status
    • SAK-17564 Support display of Public Portfolios within a site Public, non-shared portfolios now will show up in the Portfolios Shared With Me tab. This is implemented in trunk. This fix also removes the All Portfolios tab, so that each tab is a filter.
    • SAK-17351 Copy Portfolio (Feature Template proposal pending) It appears that Charise from Unicon is willing to write up a feature template for this. They will probably be on the call sometime in the next couple weeks.
    • SAK-16693 Roster Synchronization (see Roster Synchronization for details) (Lynn will demo on February 8th or 15th) Please read the feature template.
    • SAK-15547 Skip First Step of Portfolio Creation (if only one choice presented to user). We will be tracking this.
    • SAK-17653 OSP Column/Row names are not updated at the cell title level. This is really a feature request, since it works as intended now (the original row and column names are preserved behind the scenes.) What level of complexity do we want to include for when it gets changed and how. Many levels of complexity are possible.
    • SAK-17579 OSP fails if compiled on Java 1.6. We need to deal with this sooner or later.
    • Sean's idea for changing the UI for subforms. It would work like the current functionality for a repeatable field (where there is a + button and the user can add a new field right there inline in the form), but it would work for a group of fields.
  4. Standing Agenda
    • Sakai 3 Development & Content Authoring
    • Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group & requirements gathering. Virtual Meeting coming up Feb 4th and 5th. Jan will merge verbs into T&L "Themes and Activity Workflow" table on confluence.
    • Denver Sakai Conference: Tiffany was OSP track lead last time pretty much by herself. If anyone else wants to get involved, please do. The submission period is Feb. 15 - 28. Proposals will be reviewed between Feb. 15 and March 30th.
    • Sean's rubric forms are really cool. You should check them out on
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