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  • 2009-11-02 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for November 2, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle))
    • SAK-12914 Database error when importing osp matrix
    • SAK-15958 Slow performance in Wizards
    • SAK-16863 Error when saving page in Freeform Portfolio. We have a fix that needs to be verified and applied to trunk.
    • SAK-16869 backtrace in share when a user has been deleted
    • SAK-16871 osp share sends wrong password
    • SAK-17055 Matrix group filtering does not differentiate Sections from Groups

  2. Sakai 2.7/2.8 Development Status
    • Sakai 2.7 Feature Freeze: November 12. Anthony Whyte has taken over QA and set a new date. As things stand, IU changes need to be merged to trunk by 11/12 of they want them in 2.7.
    • QA Testing Resources of OSP for Sakai 2.7 release? Please be ready to test. UM will have a student they can use. There will be a different QA process in place this time, with an earlier push for QA. QA didn't start for 2.6 until 2 months after the freeze, which should never happen again.
    • Portfolio UI Suggestions (IU): Minor UI Changes to Portfolio ToolLast week we talked about these changes. Lynn filled out a functional requirements template for them. We should open individual Jira tickets for each item. Given the current Nov 12 feature freeze, we need to see what can be done quickly. Michigan cares about the Active/Inactive issue, so will contribute to it.
      • Prompt user for name at beginning of process of creating portfolio. If you create multiple portfolios, you'll have many with the same name. So prompt user with something explaining purpose of name. Name probably not exposed for use in the XSL, but probably should be. Should the field be populated with the default portfolio name? Yes, but you can't set the default until the template is chosen. No objections to proposal. But maybe just as well to make the Portfolio Name field more obvious on the main Portfolios tool page. 
      • Move where you edit the portfolio name down to where the other details are. Strictly a UI change, so not complicated. UM might be willing to do it. Having title in 2 places is okay. Stays there as you shift tabs.
      • Required Setting. Disable sharing until required setting filled out. Provide hint saying you have to fill out Required Settings first, and hide the Share tab. It should be Share rather than Active/Inactive that is unavailable when the Required Setting page has not been filled out. We need to be sure not to screw up Free Form portfolios or templates without Outline Options form. Include a note at the top disabling Preview if no Req Settings, or use some kind of alert. Move Required Setting above Add/Edit content.
      • Restore Wizard-Like behavior. Open Outline Options form immediately after opening portfolio. If we introduce this, we have to think about work flow -- e.g., what if they click cancel instead of Save. Beth would like us to do first three proposals first and see if that solves the problem. Also we should not implement the proposal to put a link to Required Setting on the Add/Edit Content page.
      • When you create a new form in the Portfolios tool, it should be automatically selected in the dropdown. Is this a bug fix or a feature (so we can get it in after the feature freeze.) Cancel behavior will have to be caught. This fix is not completely straightforward, it would take a couple hours.
      • Additional comments about the Portfolios tool: If you add an invalid user, you're just sitting there and don't know what to do, like should you click Add and Return. She will either write up as Jiras or send list to portfolio list. Lynn will create Jiras, with the three first items as one Jira. Also include, set Active as default. And can't share if portfolio is inactive.
    • Status Update (IU): SAK-13838 Add Forms and Attachments User Interface Rework, Version 2
    • Status Update (IU): SAK-16693 Synchronize Portfolio Site Rosters with Associated Course Sites
    • Status Update (IU): Indiana University Matrices EnhancementsIU was trying for 2.7 release date. They thought they could do the end of November, but the shift to 11/12 is not reasonable. We should ask for a special exception that we want these changes to go in at the end of November. Chris will send an email to Anthony about an exception.
      • SAK-15822 In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user
      • SAK-16261 Make the Manage Status function in Matrices and Wizards Group Aware
    • Status Update (CRIM): Finer Grained Document-Level Matrix Permissions Updates
    • SAK-16785 Sortable columns in OSP Portfolio tool - patch on ticket

  3. Standing Agenda Updates
    • Sakai 3 Development & Content Authoring (Sakai 3 ePortfolio). Montreal has been working on this, but don't have anything to show yet. Jacques met with Lynn, John Gosney, etc.
    • Teaching & Learning & requirements gathering. David Goodrum started a spreadsheet about things instructors would like to see in their courses. Hard to think about portfolios until we see what pervasive abilities will be in Sakai 3. But if we can identify things we need, we should get them on the list. Goal management? Can we use the existing tagging service to be able to have a controlled vocabulary of goals/outcomes?
    • Documentation & Communication
      • Moving content from to has launched. Lynn did some reformatting of 2.6 Help page so you can see at a glance what's done, what is still being worked on.
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