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  • 2009-08-24 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for August 24, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • SAK-12856 Enable sortable columns in OSP tools - Virginia Tech priority, AZ looking at for 2.5.x Tech is not actually working on it, though it is desired by many institutions.
    • SAK-15909 Creating Portfolio Template throws stack trace (with invalid schema) Resolved, needs to be verified, which is complicated. Beth and Erica will deal with it.
    • SAK-15958 Slow performance in Wizards. Charles Hedrick has a patch available that is pretty clean, but it does drop down into a raw SQL query instead of using hql. That needs to be cleaned up.
    • SAK-16018 'Edit Selected' form in the Portfolio's Add/Edit Content tab does nothing. Fixed, needs to be merged.
    • SAK-16049 There is no obvious way to remove a selected form from a portfolio. Marked as closed, needs to be merged.
    • SAK-16814 Portfolio assembly loses choices. Noah fixed and checked it into trunk. Noah proposed that this group help QA by verifying backlogged changes, so that they can go into the 2.6 release. A number of things fixed as long ago as April have not gone in. If there are any issue you want merged that haven't been, send email to portfolio list and someone with commit privileges will deal with it.
    • SAK-16815 Portfolio share fails with IE8. JQuery version is out of date and doesn't work with IE8. Gonzalo thought it might have to do with conditional comments. Charles Hedrick didn't want to have to test everything that uses jQuery
    • SAK-16850 problems with share. References to the Return button, but only button is Return and Add button. Was there supposed to be a Return screen? Was fixed and didn't make it into 2.6? When you hit Return and Add you get a blank screen. Third issue, there is a confirm message missing. UI is confusing. Pretty serious. People beta testing thought the sharing doesn't work. Do something on share more, and it appears to show, but they haven't actually happened. Any normal user will think they've done something. The current value is very persistent, You can go to another site and come back and it still looks like the change has been made. Another problem is that users put checkmarks by the user's name to add them, but they are really deleting them. It would be clearer to have a remove checkbox next to each user. The fourth issue on the ticket should be a separate ticket.
      SAK-10949 When you add groups to a site you can't manage the status. Brian will add a screenshot. After the meeting Beth determined that these issues should actually all be addressed by SAK-15693, which was done in May but didn't get into 2.6.0.

  1. Sakai 2.7/2.8 Development Status
  2. Standing Agenda Updates
    • Sakai 3 Development & Content Authoring
    • Teaching & Learning & requirements gathering. Josh sent out an email to many lists with ideas for new approach to their call. Robin Hill proposed having a Using Sakai conference call next month. David Goodrum has a page that predates the OSP action verbs that may be useful to look at.
    • Documentation & Communication
      • Moving content from to Pieter Hartzuk joined the call a few weeks ago about transferring the info to Beth will follow up on this.

  3. Functional & General Issues
    • Review workflow ideas from Rutgers. A single portfolio used for different courses. A course, or an honors program, or whatever can ask students to add content. All the content goes into a single portfolio, but each page may be reviewed by someone different. Look at list of groups to which you belong. Charles Hedrick will include screenshots, since he has finished the work.
    • Portfolio-related vignettes Teaching and Learning Action Verbs. More general than just OSP.
    • Process & status updates on OSP Help Updates. Jan will clarify procedure for creating and reviewing help. Will probably use Confluence.
    • Community Ideas for Future OSP Releases
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