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  • 2009-08-07 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for August 17, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • Delaware is having trouble with portfolio tool artifact selection list not being populated. Noah will talk with Nancy after the meeting.
    • SAK-12856 Enable sortable columns in OSP tools - Virginia Tech priority, AZ looking at for 2.5.x No update.
    • SAK-15909 Creating Portfolio Template throws stack trace (with invalid schema) Needs to be verified.
    • SAK-15958 Slow performance in Wizards. Patch from Charles Hedrick. Should be pulled into 2.6x. Needs cleanup and testing.
    • SAK-16814 Portfolio assembly loses choices. When you use the multiple select. Nancy was seeing similar odd behavior.
    • SAK-16815 Portfolio share fails with IE8. Sharing screen needs some polish. Upgrading Javascript library seems to fix it, but we have to be sure there isn't collateral damage. Michigan will be looking at it in connection with their upgrade.

  1. Sakai 2.7/2.8 Development Status
    • SAK-12922 Configuring OSP to run successfully without autoddl enabled. Nothing new.
    • SAK-16770 Matrix ScaffoldingId parameter lost on import & save. Only happening on trunk. Beth has provided a patch.
    • Comments on UI demo last week: Expected to be very helpful. Issue of archiving old sites is mentioned on ticket for roster synchronization.
    • Merge to Trunk Status: Indiana University Matrices Enhancements (2.7? 2.8?)
      • SAK-15822 In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user
      • SAK-16261 Make the Manage Status function in Matrices and Wizards Group Aware
    • Finer Grained Document-Level Matrix Permissions Updates (Reviewed August 3rd). Some concern expressed about showing other peoples items in user's matrix.
    • SAK-16762 Within Portfolios tool, make sure that all public URLs are used everywhere.
    • Preview link in 2.6 in Portfolios tool - should button be disabled until there is enough data to actually build a portfolio?
    • Have a way to indicate that users shouldn't be given the option for free form, and if only one template, go right to assembling the portfolio.

  2. Standing Agenda Updates
    • Sakai 3 Development & Content Authoring
      • UX calls being reinstated.
    • Teaching & Learning & requirements gathering: They are planning to create a new call that would be focused on mix of teaching and learning with UX and Portfolio.
    • Documentation & Communication
      • Jan was gong to give an update on process for documentation. Jan is in England on vacation, so we'll wait till she gets back.
    • Moving content from to main Sakai portal - under discussion with appropriate Sakai people.

  3. On Deck
    • Will and Chris will demo Enhancements to the Portfolio Templates tool UI in two weeks (8/31).
    • Reporting Strategies. There is a place on the page for people to write up what they need, in addition to what other people are doing. Teggin will be reviewing and making comments.
  4. Miscellaneous
    • Katy from Antioch University was on the call. They are just starting in on portfolios.
    • There is interesting information on ePortfolios 2.0 in Darren and Barbara Cambridge's new book.
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