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  • 2009-07-27 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for July 27, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • Josh Baron was on the call to discuss our requirements process and its relevance for Sakai in general. There are several new initiatives, Product Council and Sakai 3. People ave been focused on nitty-gritty issues, but we need a higher level visioning process, especially for Sakai 3. As he talked to people, he heard about the OSP vignettes page and the approach of using one word. Josh wanted to understand the process better and see if anyone in OSP was interested in helping Sakai as a whole do something similar. Jan: this started in Amsterdam with people thinking, wouldn't it be great if portfolios could do the following things and do them well. Currently a primary goal is to see what could be functions that the larger Sakai community is behind so that OSP doesn't have to do it, and then what do we want to do specifically for portfolios, as well as for the community. Our long term goal is to work collaboratively with the community, but not get lost. Josh had tried creating his own list, but then found almost all of them in the existing list. Would like to see more portfolio-like things throughout Sakai tools, such as assessment. T&L needs to reschedule their calls, and they were thinking of having some calls with us. Our calls are different from T&L in that a fair amount of time is spent on development activities. Would it be better to have representation rather than everyone blend? We should try to get the message out that we are trying to do something new in September or October. How about working with international members of the community? Adding minutes in a public place and announcing their availability. Clay will have increasing role in this as well. As product manager, he will be trying to move this kind of collaboration forward.
    • 2.6 QA Testing Status. Nothing new.
    • SAK-16536 Free-form Portfolio Tool Stack Trace on Add Page Needs to be verified. Erica will do it.
    • SAK-15909 Creating Portfolio Template throws stack trace (with invalid schema). No progress.
    • SAK-16557 Indexes are missing on OSP tables with Oracle. No progress.
    • SAK-16591 Inconsistent evaluator selection options between Wizard main page and subpages. No progress.

  2. Proposed for Sakai 2.6 inclusion. Can we get them into maintenance releases, even though they are enhancements?
    • SAK-13810 Add description to XML provided for form rendering - John & Stephen did a bunch of work, incorporate?
    • SAK-14867 Matrix Owner name confuses students
    • SAK-15748 Add owner name information to form metadata for view renderer use
    • SAK-15862 Portfolio Share notification should set reply-to in email
    • SAK-15911 Cannot tell result of Form save attempt - disallows autosave

  3. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status
  4. General Issues & Status Updates
    • Reporting Strategies. There is a link on the Reporting Strategies page to a feature template for UM stuff. Serensoft, using the data warehouse functionality, put in data in a way that can be accessed easily. IU tools run against the live database rather than the data warehouse. Part of the nudge for this page came from Teggin - are all these approaches really different? Lynn will add power point from her session at the conference.
    • Status Update: Finer Grained Document-Level Matrix Permissions CRIM has developed them and wants to merge them to trunk. They have completed a functional spec. People should look at it so we can discuss it next week. Is it acceptable to IU? 2.7 release?
    • Page Composer delayed by UM mission critical work. What's new: Autosaving has been improved. Helped by a fix that is not yet in 2.6.x. Will try to get it in 2.6.1. Or you can use a patch. Theme picker that shows a preview. Can have multiple pages with multiple subpages.
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