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  • 2009-05-18 Conference Call
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OSP Community Call Notes for 5-18-09

OSP 2.6 Issues

  • Chad at Marist found an issue with the due date of an assignment when adding the assignment to a matrix cell. He agreed to document the issue in Sakai Jira.
  • The reoccurrence of a known bug in creating new users on the Netherlands QA server was discussed. This bug was presumed to be fixed. It was suggested that we contact Alan Berg via the QA list for an update.
  • SAK-16340 and 16312 are fixed.
  • On the next community call (June 1, 2009), we will ask Noah, Beth, and Chris about the status of SAK-15541, 16004, and 16045.

OSP 2.7 Issues

  • SAK-15822 is resolved.
  • SAK-16261 is resolved in IU branch and can be integrated into 2.7.
  • SAK-14165 - This performance issue is a real impediment to doing portfolios. Sean will find out what Chuck Hedrick is doing to address this issue.
  • Sean also posted SAK-16348 - Graceful failure when a form resource has been deleted from a matrix cell. Error message makes it look like system is broken when clicking on content that has been deleted.

Approval of IU enhancements deadline - June 1, 2009

OSP Sessions at Sakai Boston

  • IU session on standardizing fields for reporting on forms
  • IU session on getting departments involved in portfolio work
  • VTech panel on OSP
  • OSP community session on OSP in Sakai 3.0
  • Three Canoes hands-on OSP pre-conference workshop
  • Serensoft session on creating portfolio templates
  • Any more???

OSP Help discussion

  • Question of who uses IU KB
  • Possibility of moving OSP Help into IU KB so that IU maintains docs in database and provides them for each release
  • Beth reformatted current OSP Help docs from rSmart Help docs and put them into subversion
  • If move OSP Help to IU KB, community will need to communicate changes to KB staff but will benefit from free labor of formatting and training
  • IU KB would maintain docs but not content, would look to OSP community for subject matter expertise
  • OSP needs streamlined system for maintaining and upgrading OSP Help
    • IU KB set up docs
    • OSP community has process for reviewing and updating OSP Help content
    • Possibility of different institutions accepting responsibility to update OSP Help content for specific tools
    • Jan offered to present a plan for OSP Help to the community in which each institution would agree to serve as a content expert for one or more tools, take a look at the 2.5 Help (and copy to MS Word), go do QA on 2.6, revise the Help docs, and send them to person designated to collect the documents.
    • Lynn (or Beth) will approach the KB group about this plan.

Follow-up items for this meeting

  • Will - talk to Mary about pod casts from Boston Sakai
  • Sean - talk to Chuck Hedrick about SAK-14165 and post SAK-16348
  • Chad - Add assignment due date issue to JIRA
  • Jan - Follow up on proposal for OSP Community to update and maintain OSP Help
  • All - review IU enhancements for June 1 approval deadline
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