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  • 2009-05-04 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for May 4, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • 2.6 QA Testing Status:
    • SAK-15541 Evaluators from different groups click on evaluations and get a 500 error. Can someone adopt this?
    • SAK-16004 Portfolios: Downloading a portfolio throws an exception. A tester has narrowed this down to be tied to specific portfolio template
    • Link to comments disappears when new commenting disabled Fixed. Needs verification
    • SAK-16045 Free Form Portfolio: Page can be added without selecting a Layout. Looking for an owner.
    • SAK-16090 Share Portfolio with Public: The checkbox is not persistent. Fixed
    • SAK-15693 "Save Changes" and "Save and Notify" unshares checked users. In fixing this, Beth looked into the idea of doing away with the step of Saving altogether. That makes this tab consistent with the other tabs of the Portfolios tool, and eliminates confusion over what the checkmarks for Remove User refer to. People were positive, but Beth will allow time for comment.

  2. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status
    • SAK-15822 In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user. Should it go into 2.6, not 2.7? IU is using their fix in production. We decided we should wait because there is an unknown performance hit while portfolios are being created for users without portfolios, and this could be a problem on sites with many users (in the thousands).
    • SAK-16261 Make the Manage Status function in Matrices and Wizards Group Aware. Please take a look at the screenshot attached to the Jira

    • OSP Knowledge Base vs OSP Help Files. Sakai help files are in the code base already. The Knowledge Base files are fairly up-to-date, but don't cover the Portfolio tool. Lynn made docs for common user tasks. Perhaps the help should be merged into the KB. People weren't sure about how the help links to the KB. There should be a mechanism for keeping the OSP help and the KB in synch. The KB was created from scratch by IU, and is less complete than the help, although many topics point to the same articles, just with different titles..Lynn will try to get clarification on why there is a push now for KB updating. OSP is the only tool that doesn't have an individual responsible for updating the KB.
    • Status Update: Indiana University Matrices EnhancementsIt will be okay for people to look at the branch as soon as Chris rebuilds the server. He will send out email when it is ready. They discovered a change in OSP functionality that effects their linking with the Assignments tool. It used to be that an instructor could delete an assignment, but previously submitted assignments were preserved. In 2.6, the existing assignments are deleted. This is the deep deletion problem. When a site is deleted, a lot of junk is currently left around. In the future, it would be good for links to assignments to be to a snapshot of the assignment, not the assignment itself.
    • Sakai Conference Update. Three Canoes has gone ahead and started promoting their session.
    • OSP Functionality for 2.7/3.0 and beyond (see Community Ideas for Future OSP Releases and Portfolio-related vignettes). Assess, Present, and Customize were added as terms in the vignettes page. People can fill in desires for their own institutions. As users create content in Sakai, how will it be made available for portfolios? Just in My Workspace? A separate data store (snapshots) of assignments, discussions, etc., rather than a view into the Assignments tool? Then assignments, etc, couldn't go away. Portfolio people understand this issue better than the rest of Sakai, and should contribute to the discussion. Jan will add a new term called Preserve. Should we prioritize the items on the vignettes page? Reporting and documentation are the two biggest discouragement factors for new institutions.
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