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  • 2009-04-27 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for April 27, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.5 Issues and Status
    • SAK-15348 Imported Matrices do not retain links to global forms
    • SAK-15822 In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user. IU implemented a solution where they create a matrix for every user in the site if they didn't already exist. Hasn't been tested with thousands of users, but it is just a one time thing. Should be merged into 2.7 with a note saying it should be tested at large scale. Chris thinks it would merge in easily. IU has some sites that could be used as a test bed. She has tested it with 100 users, and it wasn't a problem. Chris will merge it. IU also has the ability to reset the status of users in a group. IU will do a proposal with screen shots for the groups issue.
  2. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • 2.6 QA Testing Status: Marist has almost completed testing. Still have to do aggregated view. Once they are done, they will focus on outstanding Jira issues and unscripted testing.
    • SAK-15541 Evaluators from different groups click on evaluations and get a 500 error. Noah hasn't had time to work on it.
    • SAK-16004 Portfolios: Downloading a portfolio throws an exception. Reproducible on some servers but not all.
    • SAK-16006 Free Form Portfolio: Error when saving changes. Tony has a two line fix that may resolve it. LaGuardia may not be considering OSP much longer.
    • SAK-16010 Evaluations Workflow: Problem while adding evaluation. Chris fixed it. Marist will test and use new protocol from Pete Peterson to report.
    • 'Edit Selected' form in the Portfolio's Add/Edit Content tab does nothing Fixed. Needs testing
    • SAK-16043 Link to comments disappears when new commenting disabled. Should not be too hard.
    • SAK-16045 Free Form Portfolio: Page can be added without selecting a Layout. Tony added some thoughts to the Jira ticket about what the problem might be. You can preview a free form portfolio when it hasn't been saved. Maybe the functionality from the new Portfolios tool, where saving is automatic, would help here.
    • There is no obvious way to remove a selected form from a portfolio Fixed. Needs to be tested.
    • SAK-16090 Share Portfolio with Public: The checkbox is not persistant. Beth will look at it.
    • SAK-16099 Michigan has been working on a new web service to allow you to query the database for all public portfolios, allowing you to create a gallery of portfolios.
    • Robin will create a new Jira feature request for a permissions/password issue. When a student shares a portfolio with a company, the company receives an email with the password to view the portfolio. A year later, when another student submits a portfolio to the same company, the company will no longer remember the password, but there is no way to retrieve it. Having a default guest login and password would solve the problem.

  3. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status
    • Status Update: Indiana University Matrices EnhancementsSean Keesler has been testing. Should be done by the end of the month/week, when a community QA period will start.
    • Sakai Conference Update. Jan has submitted a discussion session, a new vision for OSP. Bulk of the session would be small group discussion of core functionality that should go in 3.0.
    • OSP Functionality for 2.7/3.0 and beyond (see Community Ideas for Future OSP Releases)
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