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  • 2009-03-30 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for March 30, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.5 Issues and Status
    • SAK-15348 Imported Matrices do not retain links to global forms. Chris is looking at this. If anyone else has seen the problem, can they add a note to the Jira ticket.
    • SAK-15822 In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user. We need someone to take this on.
  2. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • 2.6 QA Testing Status
    • SAK-15813 FCK editor freeform portfolio item plugin does not work Tony submitted a patch, so this is fixed.
    • SAK-15541 Evaluators from different groups click on evaluations and get a 500 error. Noah still working on it.
    • SAK-15919 Newly created form in an existing Portfolio is not picked up by Preview. Beth will look at it.
    • SAK-15921 Stack trace when creating new image item in Portfolios tool. Beth will look at this.
    • SAK-15958 Slow performance in Wizards. If you have experienced this, please add comments to the Jira ticket.
    • Change default portfolio name? (JIRA Pending). In the new Portfolios tool UI, you are no longer prompted to name the portfolio (i.e., give it the name that will show up in the list of portfolios in the Portfolios tool). Currently, users are expected to edit the default name in the main Portfolios tool page. The place where you rename the portfolio looks like it is just part of the header, not something you need to edit. As a result, users are likely to overlook this step and sites will end up with a long list of identically named portfolios. It was suggested that at a minimum, the default name of the portfolio be changed from just the template name to the user's name and the template name. People are reminded to instruct students to edit the field.
    • Tony brought up an issue he has experienced with the Resources tool not handling recursive deletion of a folder hierarchy correctly. Based on Beth's testing of the problem, the first time you select deleting the hierarchy, all the files are deleted, but not all the folders. If you repeat the delete, then the folders are deleted. Tony said that the most relevant Jira appears to be SAK-11790. It may be appropriate to write a new Jira.

    • Resolved 2.6.x bugs ready for QA/merge: SAK-15276 SAK-15551 Please volunteer to QA and close these so they can be merged.
  3. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status
    • Indiana University Enhancements (SAK-13719) (MS Word Attachment with Screenshots) Lynn continued discussing the IU changes based on questions from the community. It was resolved that she would fill out a Proposed Enhancement template and attach this document to it. That confluence page will also have a link to the IU test server running this branch, so people can try it out. Lynn is working on a document about how the IU changes affect wizards. IU has decided that its next initiative will be to merge the Wizards and Matrices tools rather than trying to keep them parallel.
    • Related Activity Updates: Content Authoring, Sakai 3 Development, Teaching & Learning. Next week we will talk about 3.0.
    • OSP Functionality for 2.7/3.0 and beyond (see Community Ideas for Future OSP Releases)
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