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  • 2009-02-07 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for February 7, 2009

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • QA – Sean has been doing great QA and writing up bugs. We need to decide which need to be dealt with right away.
    • SAK-14998 downloaded portfolio archive url-encodes the FILENAME and not the URL in the html that refers to it (should be vice-versa) Fixed by Beth
    • SAK-15348 Imported Matrices do not retain links to global forms. Still unassigned. Chris at IU may be able to look at it this week.
    • SAK-15579 Supporting files for template based portfolios not making it through to the browser. Beth now able to reproduce it. Easily reproducible but not fixed. Will has a workaround: include presentation files in a 0x0 image.
    • SAK-15564 Crash when sharing portfolio by email address. Beth will look at it this week.
    • SAK-15276 Edit links appears for all reviewers/evaluators on feedback/evaluation, though they cannot edit. Noah marked this as critical and will try to look at it.
    • SAK-15553 Saving the portfolio twice in a free form portfolio gives a stack trace Has been fixed.
    • SAK-15541 Evaluators from different groups click on evaluations and get a 500 error
    • SAK-15540 Matrix in "Preview" status is unavailable to users. Beth will look at it.
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