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  • 2009-02-02 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for February 2, 2009

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • QA – Sean has been doing great QA and writing up bugs. We need to decide which need to be dealt with right away.
    SAK-15579 Supporting Files for Template-Based Portfolios are not making it through to the browser. Beth couldn't reproduce it. Sean just included new info in the Jira for how to duplicate it. Marist focused on UI testing and creating Selenium scripts at the same time.

SAK-15564 Crash when sharing portfolio by email address. Assigned to Beth.

SAK-15276 Edit Links Appears for all reviewer evaluators on feedback even though they can't edit. Marked as critical. After you create feedback, since we now allow editing of feedback, the edit button now shows up even if you are just a reviewer. You can't actually edit it (you get an error). May be easy to solve. Noah will try to look at it.

SAK-14386 Static Code Review (not critical for 2.6 release)

SAK-15553 Saving the Portfolio twice in freeform portfolio gives a stack trace. Not currently assigned to anyone. Chris or Brian from Indiana requested to look at it

SAK-15541 Evaluators from different groups click on evaluations and get a 500 error. Assigned to OSP Jira team

SAK-15540 Matrix in Preview mode should be available to other users. Worked in 2.5. Is it critical? Delaware uses it. So critical.

SAK-15398 No Save Dialog box in . Shows a stack trace, so critical.
SAK-15398 Crash Dump
SAK-15299 While logging in as Program Admin. Should be reviewed. More of a functionality issue.
There are a number of other issues found by Marist, but they aren't crashes. Beth will look at them.

CRIM: tools they want to develop with OSP. Overlap between IU changes and CRIM plans. Lynn: sticking point is they want to control access on a document level, whereas IU controls access on the cell level. Beth could see permissions similar to what Indiana has done – provide a hierarchy of permissions. Tool, inside matrix, document. Should be a student-controlled approach. The reviewers will be members of the site. Have a button to choose reviewer in the list of edit, remove links. CRIM is encouraged to use the Feature Template to write up a design document.

Sakai 3 and UX Design

Noah sat in on UX call last week. Cambridge and Ga Tech have the most people dedicated. They are defining what their 5-month vision is. Cambridge plans a June release, GA Tech July. Personal groupings (allowing people to opt into their own groups) will probably impact us positively.

Procedure for getting it into 2.6 is fix and verify in trunk, then merge it into 2.6

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