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  • 2009-01-11 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for January 11, 2009

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • QA – Marist QA work is going well. Since their experience with Selenium may be helpful to others, they will set up a Confluence page with notes on what they have done.
  • SAK-14998: downloaded portfolio archive url-encodes the FILENAME and not the URL in the html that refers to it (should be vice-versa). Beth has reproduced it but not fixed it yet.
  • SAK-15346: Portfolio Share no longer allows option to notify users Beth found a lack of functionality in the new Portfolio tool. There is no way to notify others when you have shared a portfolio with them. A new button that says "Save changes and notify" would be a quick way to solve the problem.
  • SAK-15348: Imported Matrices do not retain links to global forms: Lynn found a problem in 2.5 but not 2.6. If you import a matrix that has global forms, they aren't global in 2.5, but they are in 2.6. It was automatically assigned to John Ellis. Important for reuse. Should be made critical. John will see if he has time to work on it and will let us know if not.

Plans for future work by different institutions:

  • UM: 1. In the FCKeditor when you've uploaded an image, you can't tell whether your image will be visible to others. There is work being done on an FCKeditor plugin that will automatically make images public. 2. Gallery: users can publish a portfolio to a gallery, and then others can browse it. 3. Reporting: dynamic data grids. Noah is trying to get this easier to share (less custom code). 4. Tagging things with outcomes or other tags. So students can have a browsable repository of stuff. How does this interleave with outcomes? (This work will be done over the next year). 5. The biggest thing for us is inline feedback in the completed portfolio. Currently it is an externally hosted app with a lot of custom JavaScript. We will be using it in a small pilot soon. 6. Pulling the new Portfolio UI into 2.5. 7. Together with rSmart, we are looking into using Pentaho for reporting.
  • Lynn: IU has been working on its own branch with changes to the Matrix and Evaluations tool. One of their big goals is merging their work back into trunk for 2.7. They are also working on the Reports tool. Also, they want to merge the matrix and wizards tools. This would involve a major overhaul of the underlying code.
  • Va Tech: focus this year on accreditation, pedagogy and academics. They are looking to double their numbers from 30 groups that have expressed interest and 15 working groups to 60 contacts and 30 working groups. They are using presentation portfolios like the Michigan work. They are up for an accreditation review, so reporting is a major push right now.
  • LaGuardia is migrating data to OSP, though they are staying with Blackboard for course management. They are looking at whether the freeform portfolio would really do what they want or whether it would need to be rewritten. They are not sure they will be using OSP.
  • Marist will focus on assessing current use.
  • rSmart is just in maintenance mode. They are looking at Pentaho for reporting.
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