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  • 2008-11-24 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for November 24, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • QA – Marist has 4 dedicated students who have started working on QA. They have Noah's info on what to work on. In general they should focus on the Portfolios tool, since that's the area where most dramatic changes were made. To find documentation on what was done, look at the Jira ticket for SAK-14417. The code base for everything else has been pretty stable, but it is important to verify integrity of the tool as a whole. This is best done with the Scenarios contained in the testing area of confluence.
  • Hugo has tried to catch up and complete some work to serve as an example of an Evaluation workflow. It is available on confluence on the page Concepts of an Evaluation Workflow. Hugo has started adding an example that should be pretty comprehensive. People should then look to see if their workflows would be handled by his example. It will cover multiple evaluators. There will be a configurator module that allows people to hook up actions. IU could also contribute to the example. LOI is not ready yet to start doing market research on available engines. They are looking at March for having the workflow engine. They hope it will be usable in many tools, such as Assignments or Mneme. They hope to have the conceptual work done by the end of the year. Others are encouraged to review the conceptual evalations workflow building blocks to see if they fit their needs.
  • SAK-13798 Matrix footers. Using a Sakai property is a problem because a lot depends on screen resolution. Lynn thought this is something that should be settable for each matrix, not set for the whole installation. Hugo suggested having subcategories for large matrices, and then using headers rather than footers. Noah added notes to the Jira ticket documenting these concerns. We will sit on the idea for now.
  • On deck: demo of changes that Chris and Will have been working on. Will is still tinkering, though.
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