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  • 2008-10-27 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for October 27, 2008

Indiana is only going to run one QA server now, which will not be an osp-portal server. Hopefully Chris will have it up today with the alpha tag of 2.6.

LaGuardia is looking at implementing Sakai

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • SAK-14417 Redesign Portfolio User Experience. Beth created a number of Jiras based on comments to the list and feedback from UM. The Jiras are almost all resolved. The one thing outstanding is that navigation with freeform portfolio doesn't work correctly.
  • SAK-14721 when you make a portfolio public, it does not show up on the list of portfolios that are shared with you. Many people felt that that was a different kind of sharing and should still be separate. It was decided that we need user feedback to tell what people really want. The proposal was tabled pending feedback from users.
  • Beth contacted LOI about presenting their work. Hugo has been sick, and is behind, but says he will have a confluence page up soon.
  • SAK-13146: Add custom form as an option on main page of Hierarchical wizard. Because there is common code between the Hierarchical and Sequential wizards, there is some code that could affect the Sequential wizard, but there should not be any visible vestiges of the changes in Sequential wizards. So this is done.
  • Chuck Hedrick completed his project for dynamic reporting in the Evaluations tool, so that instructors can see evaluations they have completed and users can see their own evaluations in the Evaluations tool. He implemented it as a standalone JSP so that it can be pulled in easily or left out without causing problems. He will write up a Jira about the functionality, because we may want to pull it into trunk. A significant difference between his work and work that Noah did for contrib, SAK-13476, is that Chuck's code works across sites, while Noah's work is for extracting data from one site.
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  1. Hugo's pages can be found here: Sorry we missed the call, we switched to winter time this weekend (smile)